On that faithful day, i saw a prayer post
which i tried to type Amen but immediately
my phone went off, I rushed to take my
husband phone so that I could type Amen, the
same thing happened.
From there i notice that something is not
right, I said to my husband, i must type Amen
in that prayer post.
To God be the glory i rushed to a nearby
cyber INTERNET and i logged into my
Facebook account and typed Amen.
A few days later the doctor confirmed that I
was pregnant.
The same doctor who told me that I can never
give birth, but today i have double double
double blessings.
I asked for one child God gave me more than
In-fact I am shocked.
Now let us pray!
To the hand that will manage to type Amen
God will shock you with a miracle, your
blessing that was hanged years ago will be
released to you in the name of Jesus.
Your miracle shall not be delayed, your
blessings shall not be delayed.
May the LORD double Your miracles and
blessings be your portion in This Year And
The Coming Years !