The Shadowed Man

Walking beside me but not in physical,
Of another realm, one more mental,
Silenced always we hardly speak,
A parasite to him, as he is to me,
I long to connect this again,
This long lost bridge,
To rebuild this home,
Charred, black and singed,
His ideals differ, contradict my own,
From this our magic is fire born,
Tearing and gnashing at skin and bone,
Sinking and leaking into heart and soul,
To leave ideas, seeds to sprout,
Give words to hush an urge to shout,
Walking beside me I feel solace
I could take no bribe, from candle or sun, to kill this,
He is me and we are one,
I am nights glow, he is the sun.
Or maybe this is opposite?
Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

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