That Face

What a beautiful face
With a scar on her brow
About half a foot shorter
From head to the ground
What a figure she has
To this day makes me say
I miss her little bossom
Her teeth and her face
Oh what comfort they brang
She works very hard
To keep it intact
Man I sure wish
That I had her back
But that’s the risk you take
When you’re with someone that hot
Someone else always wants
What you got
It would be hard to resist
That I must admit
I would’ve remembered that sooner
Goodbye to my friend
Whom I’ll love to the end
Say hi to your beautiful kids
For Me

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2 Responses on “That Face”

cutiepie44 says:

omg i love ur poem!!!! dont worry there r beautiful nice kind girls out there that u will find and fall inlove with 🙂

Ichimaru says:

Awesome poem, I’m also in love with best female friend and she also feels the same way my only problem is that I’m afraid of making a move and she’s aware of I feel about her. Reading this poem encourages me to do somethings before its too late..

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