Still Stand I observed

My curiosity forced me to research.
I stand still and I watch,
Questions arise but no answers.
I saw all you did while standing.

Hoping is friend not new lover.
Still stand I watched.
From a distance I observed.
On what’s happening I have no answer.

Under brighter light you stand,
Far away from street I observed,
All things you did I saw,
Until you shifted on other side of street.

Strictly hurt my heart due to curiosity,
Still stand I observed,
Until you went home and he goes.
Nothing to say it’s life.

By Mabirimisa Takalani

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3 Responses on “Still Stand I observed”

neo says:


james says:

this is what most of people do. they mostly do things without knowing how it will be in some other people arround them. Here the poet was very much hurt because it seems like he really LOVE the girl. he said “hoping is a friend not NEW lover” this also shows that there is something going on between the two. the poet didn’t go there to interat things on what was going on, this shows that he has good ways of solving problems. If the girl knows this poem, she must take it seriously that she fix things between her and the poet.

Alloewols B says:

this is good, wow

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