Save The Forest

S-hed me oh trees with your leaves as I rest
A-rc your branch with the birds on its nest
V-anish the light that scourge my face
E-vergreen is all over the place

T-hink of me always as I grow old
H-ear my grandchildren as they reserve you as a gold
E-vermore, your beauty will never be a foretold

F-orestall thy thief that filch your bounty
O-ppugn the lifter by your torn and claw
R-estraint the loggers that break the law
E-ndanger creatures may always dwell
S-carcity and famine will never swell
T-oday, tomorrow and forever

Claudine Ely Rivera

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11 Responses on “Save The Forest”

rachit gomes says:

you have exellent poems. thank you

vinoth says:


yamini talwar says:

u hve a gud collection of poems..thnkz a ton it helps alot..!!

Panth Shah says:

I lv the poems collected by u,they r nice!!!!!!!!!

divyanshu says:

Forests our life line

ritika says:

nice poems …. just loved them….. 1 of d best site 4 poems !!!!!!!!! 🙂 …… ^_^

riya says:

it is really a very nice poem…… thanku

Sameen Salman says:

I really loved the poems. You are having a good collection of poems. I don’t know why the people are reading and then also they are cutting down the trees.

By: Sameen Salman .
School Name: Beconhouse School System.

Shriya Goyal says:

Very nice site..

Mayank says:


Huili says:

Thanks! I needed this poem 🙂

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