Wedding Poems And Poetry

Wedding Day

Lipstick stains on wedding days,
Smiles that turned a different way.
Standing there she’s waiting, waiting
In pain, but always praying.
Raining, pouring,
Intently listening, but ignoring.
Gun shots firing in the distance,
Well of course she’s going to miss it.
One last bullet- gone astray,
Shot down on her wedding day.

Jessy Liz.

My Wedding Day

My wedding day
The day before it we had a fight,
Bits and pieces stay in the mind.
Your tears and my fright,
For all you would not say,
Became as a wall between us that night.

My wedding day
So many lights,
Wanting to disappear into the crowd,
Can’t you take me away?
Please, listen……
Hear the words I am afraid to say.

My wedding day
Why in the world am I here?
This isn’t truly where I long to be,
Please, just say the words,
The ones you’d speak to set me free.

My wedding day
A smile on my face to mask the sorrow
This wasn’t what I wanted,
I’ve truly only wanted you.
The biggest mistake I’ll ever make,
Are these vows I’m about to take.

My wedding day
And in the end I am in your arms,
But for only heartbeat; a moment,
You hold me close as your tears overflow.
All I ever really wanted was to hold you,
And forever it breaks my heart,
That you chose to let me go.

Lesa MRK.

The Wedding Party

How special it was as family and friends,
Gathered to welcome husband and wife;
Happiness was felt by everyone,
As they start this precious new life.

Pictures taken to collect memories,
To pass down for generations to come;
You can see by the smiles on faces,
Fun and food was enjoyed by everyone.

No happier occasion can there be,
That brings folks together again;
Than a wedding filled with loved ones,
With wonderful wedding trends.

What a perfect way to start a new life,
With a love that is forever true;
Congratulations to the bride and groom,
We wish only the best to you!

Marilyn Lott.

Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Marriages like the registry,
Are made in heaven.
With the relatives, friends,
Making earthly arrangements.
Of beds, flowers, wedding suits,
Feasts, ceremonies, bethrotals.
All complete to make,
The pair unite in sheer bliss,
Living, copulating for,
Indescribable years of harmony,
Love, making children,
But now that seperations,
Divorces in huge numbers,
The wedding God and staff,
Having a busy schedule,
Late night work of remarriages,
With enough confusions,
Complication, errors to boot,
To the normal workstyle,
Of yesterages where,
People seldom married,
A second, third, fourth time,
Emanating curses from the god.
And overstressed staff,
Who imagined to copy,
The system in heavens too.

Ravikiran Arakkal.


Innocence lost
Relationship fragile
Happiness shallow
Love useless
Divinity nowhere
Touches ugly
Kisses bitter
Time wasted
Wedding takes place

Aashish Ameya.