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It Hurts That You Left Me Mom

It hurts that you left me mom,
I was left to cry, I was left so confused.
It hurt that you never phone you left me and I never saw you again.
I prayed at night for you to come back.
Is it that you scared to face me after what you have done.
Remember you my mother I’ll always forgive you,
I just don’t want to grow up without you.

For You

For you I’d love with desire,
For you I’d climb much higher,
For you I’d love through this black fire,
For you I’d become the best fighter.
Fighter for your love is what I claim,
From the tip of your lips and how you say my name,
For you I’d give up every bit of fame,
For you I’d do anything, would you do the same.

Don’t Forget Me

I want you to know one thing.
Eveytime you go to bed,
Aways rest assured that I love you,
And wish I could spend the night with you.
Being away from you is not as I wish.
It makes me long for you.
I want you to know that I will always love you.
I will never forget you and the love that we shared.
I wish our love could go on and on
And get stronger for as long as time can stand.
I know you may forget me as time goes
You may grow tired of my love for you.
If little by little you stop loving me,
I shall stop loving you little by little.
If suddenly you forget me
Do not look for me,
For I shall already have forgotten you,
But your spirit will always be with me.
But I wish you will never forget me,
Or forget the love that we share.
When I look in your shiny sparkling eyes,
I m looking for assurance that you always be with me,
As much as I will always be with you.
I will never forget you and I think you will never forget me too.
When we grow older together,
We will tell tales of our love to our off springs
Let them know of true love.
We will tell them of the struggles that we came about
Defying the odds to keep our love alive.
We will tell tales which our children and their children will never forget,
Tales such as how you never forgot me,
Tales such as how I never forget you.
They will believe because we will still be in love then,
As we are in love now.
They will see it in your eyes,
As it will also be visible to them in mine,
We will never forget our love.

Border Crossing

She slipped across the border last night,
No tickets booked, just a last minute flight,
Just a last minute thing at the end of the day,
Not even time for a farewell to say,
No time to fill bags with personal things,
Or time to choose what cloths to bring,
No prayers said to keep her from harm,
Or crossing herself or even lucky charm,
She slipped across the border last night,
I hope she found her way all right.

Dad’s Birthday

Today is your birthday,
You would have been ninety-five this year.
Birthdays are supposed to be days of
Not a day of tears.
Granny would have been over to eat,
But she lies in a grave asleep.
But my years full of memories of you,
Are things I hold so deep.
I would have gotten you socks,
Or some other silly thing.
You reside in Heaven,
But I must say you earned your wings.

My Savior

My one and only,
Always there when I’m lonely,
Plain and simple,
Tho has the power to move mountains,
But gentle to the touch,
For many its comforting,
While others not so much,
I give all my love to you,
For that day,
When I stray,
From reality
You will put me in my place,
With all your beauty and grace,
I cannot face,
The day you take my life away.

Why You Left Me?

I am clueless as to why you left me,
Please explain, is it me, or our love gone flat,
I thought I had gave you my all,
Maybe not or you just hated my flaws,
I am crumbled, fill of emptiness, full of fears,
We’ve been together ten plus years,
All you can say was I am sorry,
All you did was made me worry,
So therefore, there maybe isn’t any chance,
For us to rekindle,
Please tell me in advance
As to why you left me,
If no real answers has been made,
I guess, I’ll move on,
And I will set you free.


Every time I see you,
I don’t know what to do,
I find it hard to look at you,
But deep inside I really like,
I know that you don’t like me,
But please dear,
Allow me to Love you secretly!


Awoken in the night,
from dispirit dreams.
Reveals a memory,
wrung from deep within.
Of distant voices,
chattering words of every kind.
Washed ashore as moon and earth align.
Until the spinning of a silver thread.
Displays the poet’s envy of a song.
Unwilling celebrant at altar high,
Calls upon creator’s praise.
In un-polished lines and words,
plucked from mind and soul,
and chiselled with uncertainty.
Then made to stand and pirouette
before admirers,
then made to fade.

It hurts

It hurts..
How do I let you know what I feel about you,
You will never know the way I think of you,
My day starts with the thought of you and ends dreaming of you,
It hurts..
You are the one who can make me happy,
You have the magic to bring life to me,
Just a look from you changes the world around me,
It hurts..
Wish I could tell you.


You entered my life like a smooth storm,
Planning to take its course into deeper depths,
I couldn’t stop.
The touch of you makes thousand watts charged within me,
Wish I could show you how I feel,
Your breath intoxicates me to have you,
The look in our eyes vapourises the very existence of me,
When I am with you, I see nothing other than you,
I just love being with you,
I want to live every moment with you,
Wish this moment of thinking of you doesn’t slip away.


Dying to be with you,
Only you can bring life,
Into my thirsty soul,
Only you and you can,
Change my pain to heaven,
Hold my hand to,
Feel the love for you.

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