Thank You Poems And Poetry

Thank God

Every night before I sleep.
I get down on my knees and pray.
Thanking God for sending your love my way.

Every morning when I open my eyes.
And look at the beautiful sky.
I thank God for another day with you.
A love who makes all my days fresh and new.

With every breath.
I thank God for a love that’s true.
And true love darling is you.

Thank You

Warmth surrounding my once lonely heart,
You are here and to stay right till the end,
Love building between us right from the start,
Opportunities fashioned around every bend.

You understood my whimsical nature,
Not deterred by my eccentricities at all,
And at night you do not keep me waiting,
You love me and will never allow me to fall.

Rosemary du Preez.

I Want To Thank You God

I want to thank you God,
For spending your only begotten son to this un-friendly world,
He came on your behalf to deliver a message of love.
Men were so un-grateful,
They ignored Jesus plea then someone shouted,
Let’s nail him to a tree.
Jesus he never resisted willingly,
He gave up his young life,
So Adam’s imperfect offspring’s could have everlasting life.

I want to thank you heavenly father once more,
For giving us you only begotten son,
The battle he fought victorious he won.
Thank you Jehovah,
You sent the very best you had,
Your only Begotten son,
Father you loved us so much,
For that reason,
This Christian race I want to run.
The hour Jesus bowed his head in death,
At that very moment my life began.

Edna M. Minnfee.

Thank You Mom And Dad

Thank You Mom And Dad,
For all the hurt you’ve caused me,
For all the times you made me cry,
For all those comparisons between me and my
“smarter”, “prettier”, more “talented” cousin Allison,
For not even trying to console me when I got teased in class,
For always belittling me and making me feel like nothing, even in
For always calling me “fat”, “ugly”, and “retarded”,
For disapproving of my greatest dreams,
For zapping away what little self-love and self-confidence I had,
For turning me into a miserable, self-loathing wretch.

Heather Radsnake.

I Thank You

I Thank You,
For the moments of rest and the time of deep sleep,
The times to laugh and when I must, the time to weep.

To hold my childen and feel their love inside,
The time to see my sons as grooms and my daughters; as beautiful brides.

To acknowledge each child given is mine to hold,
Give me what I need to listen; and when I’m told.

Aho Speaks.

Thank You Lord

Thank you Lord for the sunshine,
Thank you Lord for the rain;
Thank you too for the rainbows,
And for easing my pain.
Thank you Lord for the mountains,
And the whispering trees;
Thank you too for the oceans,
And the soft balmy breeze.
You were there when I needed you,
You were there when I cried.
You solaced me in sorrows,
You were there by my side.
Thank you Lord for the heavens,
And the stars up above.
Thank you too for my dear friends,
Who have shown me their love.

Simon P. Perez.