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Category: Sympathy Poems


In all sincerity, It is a pathetic pity. I merely offer sympathy, With such velocity. This sadness born out of the blue, That decides to levy itself on you. In your fixed stillness, I sense your illness. Accept my sympathy; You lost a pet, Somebody made you upset. Accept my sympathy; You lost a friend,

The Meaning of Sport

If our lives are written in sport, Endless lines that reach the nethers and tort, In sympathy and affection; loyalty gone for the reasons of our team, Are we not tropes of a wider kalideoscope Where what is not important is transferred to the pub or terraces, So we can sit it in bars for

A Pocketful Of Sympathy

A pocketful of sympathy Is really rather wonderful To stop a scratch from stinging Or a bruise from black and bluing A pocketful of sympathy Can stop a heart from hurting Or catch a tear that’s falling Like a raindrop down a cheek A pocketful of sympathy Costs absolutely nothing It’s the cheapest kind of