Sympathy Poems And Poetry


In all sincerity,
It is a pathetic pity.
I merely offer sympathy,
With such velocity.
This sadness born out of the blue,
That decides to levy itself on you.

In your fixed stillness,
I sense your illness.
Accept my sympathy;

You lost a pet,
Somebody made you upset.
Accept my sympathy;

You lost a friend,
Your broken heart is yet to mend.
Accept my sympathy;

You were once abused,
Possibly at times wrongly accused.
Accept my sympathy;

You marriage is on the rocks,
You got divorced, left without a buck.
Accept my sympathy;

You lost a fortune,
Your voice can’t sing a decent tune.
Accept my sympathy;

You lost in love or lost your job,
Or perhaps at one stage got robbed.
Accept my sympathy;

Your life is a mess,
Everything around you depresses.

Whatever the circumstances,
Accept my sympathy.
And if I happen to show no sympathy,
Please accept my sympathy!

Greg Dills.

The Meaning of Sport

If our lives are written in sport,
Endless lines that reach the nethers and tort,
In sympathy and affection; loyalty gone for the reasons of our team,
Are we not tropes of a wider kalideoscope
Where what is not important is transferred to the pub or terraces,
So we can sit it in bars for the sake of a hopeful win
That ends in the tapas room and bearpit
Where we feel locally loyal or nationally proud
And throw our drunken weight, outside, inside
And feel better at the end of an everchanging, inconsequential tide.

David Levitas.

A Pocketful Of Sympathy

A pocketful of sympathy
Is really rather wonderful
To stop a scratch from stinging
Or a bruise from black and bluing

A pocketful of sympathy
Can stop a heart from hurting
Or catch a tear that’s falling
Like a raindrop down a cheek

A pocketful of sympathy
Costs absolutely nothing
It’s the cheapest kind of plaster
That you’ll ever ever find

And a pocketful of sympathy
Is like Lindsay’s Magic Pudding
‘Cos the more of it you give away
The more you leave behind

Alison Cassidy.