Sorrow Poems And Poetry

He Is Dead

I am scared,
I feel sick,
I close my eyes,
I open them and scream.
I cry inside,
I wait, wait, wait,
The suspense is killing me,
My baby brother is in there.
Dying, dying, dying,
Why don’t they let me see him,
Mom and dad are going to kill me,
I went inside to answer the phone.
Only for one minute,
I brought the phone outside,
I can’t find my baby brother.
Where is he,
Oh no, the pool,
I see him, his cold unconscious body,
I grab him do,
Nothing happened,
I quickly snatch the phone,
From the table.
Dial 911, in a flash they are here,
Now I am in the empty, dark, cold waiting room,
Sitting on the gross, germy couch,
I find about my baby brother,
I turn away and cry, cry, cry
He is dead.


Sorrow came today,
And left me full of shame,
It’s right down here inside of me,
A feeling of disdain.

We cannot all defend ourselves,
As do the mighty foe,
Please rid me of this emptiness,
Just let this sorrow go.

Here in the twilight hour,
I feel like I could die;
When sorrow comes a rushing in,
To send me to the sky.

Tell Me That Love Returns

Tell me that love returns,
To break the silent waves of pain;
Those large imperious waves of pain,
In the vast ocean of sorrow.

Tell me that love returns,
To catch the falling stars;
Those bright imperious sparks of stars,
Withing the vast sky of sorrow.

Tell me that love returns,
To mend this broken heart;
This shattered, broken, wounded heart,
In the vast soul of sorrow.


Sorrow comes and goes in life,
Tears come in the eyes.
When we are very alone,
Nobody is with us.
Life seems to be very lonely,
Sometimes sorrow makes us laugh,
Sometime sorrow makes us weep.
When there is no happiness in life,
Sorrow makes our life very restless,
There are a few moments of happiness.
We have to accept all that,
If sorrow comes into our life makes us very sad.

A Heart Full of Sorrow

A heart that feels,
Such a great pain,
Bond by restraints and chains.
Ready to roam free,
Like a lion untamed,
To find something,
More then sorrow,
And pain.
To find joy,
Even a shot at love,
Another heart,
That could,
Heal the scares that,
This heart bears.
A heart that’s strong,
One that’s not scared,
One that is not soft,
But not fragile,
That will fight for its love.
But unfortunately,
These shackles won’t,
Be released anytime soon,
So my heart sits heart dwelling.
In sorrow,
Maybe my heart can escape,
That’s the dream I wish for
But today,
I must continue with sorrow.

Love and Tragedy

Yes, I have loved with love,
That was more than love,
More than love,
Drove myself mad with this love
With this love,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of my love
my love,
Just seeing was not enough for me
seeing my love,
My love,
So I met her, my true love,
And so true it was.

Yes, I married this girl with joy
with joy,
The splendid sense of so much joy
so much joy,
And I felt so much,
My heart melt,
Melt with all my joy,
My joy,
Going to sleep with her, my true joy,
And so true it was.

Yes, I watched this girl die with sorrow
My sorrow,
The fire that did it also ignited my sorrow
My sorrow,
And there was nothing to console this sorrow
This sorrow,
my sorrow,
Even still into tomorrow,
No cope in hope to borrow,
so I stayed in sorrow,
My sorrow,
Going to sleep without my love,
My true sorrow,
And so true it was.

Yes, I heard those gruesome tolls alone
just me alone,
I stood looking at her stone while alone
so alone,
Minding on what to do, now that I’m alone,
So alone,
Listening to the bells of malicious tones,
Those horrifying, loud drones,
Those dreadful, terrible moans,
Those agonizing, tumultuous groans,
Of so many people who are also alone
just like me alone,
No one left, no one here,
I was happy once, but now I hear,
The toll of those bells alone,
So alone,
And my joy and my love,
Is now so far above,
Leaving me here so alone
May I hope she rests in peace,
Even through my pain’s increase of sorrow,
At least until tomorrow,
Where I will still be alone, truly alone,
And so true it still is.

I’ll Be Sorrow Tomorrow

I’ll be sorrow tomorrow,
With me myself and I.
I’ll be sorrow tomorrow,
Holding myself while I cry.
I’ll be sorrow tomorrow,
While lying sleepless in my bed.
I’ll be sorrow the next day as one thought haunts my head.
And when I finally rest my lids and cease my icy breath,
That one thought will exist no longer,
That horrible thought of death.

In Sorrow

In sorrow,
She mourns her beloved son,
What’s next to follow,
No one knows.

In sorrow,
He mourns his beloved daughter,
What’s next to follow,
His heart is hollow.

In sorrow,
She mourns her beloved husband,
What’s next to follow,
She is now a widow.

In sorrow,
He mourns his beloved wife,
What’s next to follow,
His desire for life is renounced to zero.

In sorrow,
They mourn the passing of a dear friend,
Someone they wished to be there tomorrow,
It hurts without pretext, whatever sorrow sends.

And we know and I know,
Sorrow returns not the life’s it borrows,
Sorrow is a walking deadly shadow,
Sorrow is the virus we dread tomorrow.
Sorrow is the devils spell of lethal horrors

Therefore my dear fellows,
In sorrow no more I mourn her sorrow,
In sorrow,
I have closed on her all my doors and windows.