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Category: School Poems

School Days: A Bad Memory

School is where I have to go, School is like hell, School is where my bad points show, School is a prison cell. School is where I’m a punch bag, School is where I’m sent, School is where I’m called a hag, School is where I repent, I met a new kid at school today,

That’s My School

Up at my school, Everyone is different, Yet we are treated, Like an equal. Everyone is always smiling, Or laughing so hard, They start to cry, That’s my school. A lot of people, Go through my school, Home of the blue jays, To cool for school. Standing tall upon the hill, Behind all the trees,

I Sent My Child To School Today

I sent my child to school today, With his little lunch box, When he came home he said his friend, Had gotten the chickenpox. I sent my child to school today, And asked him what he learned, He told me about firemen, They taught him how not to get burned. I sent my child to

I don’t like school

I don’t like school, They don’t let me play, I don’t like school, Not any day. I don’t like school, It’s not fun for me, I don’t like school, Someday I hope they let me free.


School, it is stressing at times. Many times I don’t even have it on my mind, School is good, and it is bad, there are times I think that I’m going to mad. It is a good thing to go to school, so that you could remember the rules, Don’t be shy, Don’t be a