Sad Poems And Poetry

Don’t Forget

When we looked forward to homecoming,
When break-ups were unbearable.
When we called each other names,
and made up anyway.
Don’t forget the Friday nights,
The Saturdays we went out again.
And the Sundays slept away.
Don’t forget speeding cars,
and places we shouldn’t be.
Lying that we’re spending the night,
but at the boy’s house down the street.
Most adventures we look back on.
To be the most fun,
but also so dumb to try.

Years from now,
promise me you won’t forget..
Walking down that aisle,
Up to the stage.
Crying in each other’s arms.
Fate will bring us back together.
Cross each other’s paths.
Don’t forget.


Sad for all the time my embrace was empty of you,
Sad for being stubborn to be sad.

Sad for touching objects baring your presence,
Sad for not touching you.

Sad for reading your name everywhere I turn,
Sad for all the blue jackets other men should not have worn.

Sad for all my weak spots left to be weak,
Sad to open my eyes in the morning.

Sad for a cruel truth not even dreams can survive,
Sad without dreaming.

Sad of nothing to hope for,
Sad for still seeing beautiful things worth for you to know,

Just what she is not.

Cristina Geanta.

My sad eyes

My sad eyes,
Blurred by tears,
Heart broken,
By the world they now see.

My sad eyes,
Now look down,
Afraid to look upon,
All thats black.

My sad eyes,
Full of aqua blue,
The whitest of white,
So wonderess,
Yet so pained.

My sad eyes,
The all seeing,
The all feeling,
The all knowing.

My sad eyes,
One tear holds,
A hundred different reasons for there sadness.

My sad eyes,
Please someone wipe away the hurt,

Vincent Armone.

Sad Day

Sad, sad, day
Just when it seems,
That life joyfully gleams.
Sad, sad, day
Is brought our way,

Sad day, Go away
Go away, sad day,
Little Johnny wants to play
So, sad day, just hide behind the sun,
Little Johnny wants to be happy and have some fun.

Sad, sad day
This sorrow is just nature’s way,
Showing something isn’t right,
It does no good to try and fight.
the sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, day
But we can wish that it will go away,
And it will, someday, someday, someday, someday, someday, someday, someday.
Whether it be, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday,
The sad day shall disappear like a magician’s assistant,
If only our search for happiness is ever so persistent.

Chad Fisher.