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Category: Retirement Poems


Retirement is the end of work, That’s what some seem to say, But I have talked to many more, Who say it’s not that way. It only means you’ve left one place, An now must find another, For all that money you should get, Is feeding someones brother. So now that you are finished here,

On Retirement

Retirement… Retire man, so what! ‘Tis just a natural thing That many tend to do. ‘Tis not the end; ‘Tis a beginning, dear friend; ‘Tis a Godsend; And He will fend. So, keep your calm; Retirement’s a balm, For wearied body, mind! A new happiness, you’ll find. And God will take you, In a newer


After thirty years the day of decision has come, It is time to consider quitting and reducing stress; You fear you will be bored and have the doldrums, Time to slow the rapid pace and go out for recess. It’s a good idea to take time for some relaxation, Working overtime results in multi-digit taxation.

Only The Living Can Cry

Depressed is his retirement Disconsolate her retreat, One wonders why- Since success it thrived Beneath their fruited feet. But suicide- they both decide- would be the best for them, Though young- Eternal nescience Without the flim or flam. But one wonders why They volunteer to die Minus sage and withered gumption, The old- Oh, yes