Collection of 'Remember Poems'


I still think about you
Ohhhh yes I do
I still miss my friends
When I think about you
I wonder how your doing
And if you think about me
I know it’s not likely
It’s still hard for me
I should be over this
For the majority
But a feeling subsides me
Like an old memory
I still remember the park
Just like yesterday
You were pulled towards [...]

Goodbye Michael

A star has been plucked from the sky.
The sky is now dimmer.
It happened on June 25th.
A day, we will always remember.
Never again to see Michael’s smile light up the skies.
Never again to see him moonwalk across the stage as his fans cries.
Never again to hear him sing Billie Jean.
To the roaring sound of his fans’ [...]

Remembering You

From the time you graced the earth
To the time you left
Your spirit is felt
No more pain, no more tears
No more heartache for your to bear
A beautiful Rose
Gone to the sky
Way up high.
Your smile lights up the room
When you enter
Your touch calms our souls
When we are in despair
Your presence is felt
Forever more
You embraced us with protective [...]

Still… I remember

You passed by ten seasons ago
Leaving behind broken and lonely hearts.
You embraced the heaves
With your kind heart.
Those that stayed behind
Broke down and could no longer survive.
Still… I remember her smile.
I remember her radiance
Her kind heart
Her sound advice.
And warm embrace that kept me
From the storm
An embrace that would linger in my mind and heart forever.
As seasons [...]


I remember the joy of summer,
I remember the joy of friendship,
I remember the joy of days long past.
I remember the pain of love,
I remember the pain of letting go,
I remember the pain of blending in.
I remember how difficult it was to make new friends,
I remember how difficult it was to make good grades,
I remember how [...]

Remember Me

Remember my smile,
Remember my eyes,
Remember my laugh,
Remember my voice.
Remember my bad grammar
Remember my random thoughts,
Remember my love of music,
Remember my addiction to art.
Remember my love for you,
Forget whatever it was that made you leave,
Remember me .

I Remember

I remember the day we met,
I remember it all too well,
I remember how we started,
And I remember how we ended.
I remember how it feels with
Your lips touching mine,
I remember what it’s like in your arms,
I remember what you told me.
I remember what I promised,
I remember that day we spent together,
I remember all my tears,
I remember [...]


Remember the laughs,
Remember the smiles,
Remember the times we had for a while.
Remember the good,
Remember the bad,
Remember the love that we once had.
Remember with a smile,
Remember with a tear,
Remember the times you held me in fear.
Remember the kisses,
Remember the hugs,
Whatever you do don’t forget us.

I Remember

It was August I remember,
I remember when I met her,
She was perfect I remember,
in her body, mind and soul.
In September I remember,
I remember her all over,
She was perfect I remember,
in her body, mind and soul.
In October I remember,
I remember her all over,
We were lovers I remember,
in body, mind and soul.
In November I remember,
I remember lies [...]