Collection of 'Rain Poems'


The rain falling softly upon her face,
Takes her to a magical place.
The rain falling softly in her hair,
Lets her soul float upon the air.
The rain touching her lips,
Give her the breath of life in little sips.
The rain falling softly from the sky,
Lets her know that heaven,
Is where good souls fly.

I Love the Rain

Rain drops falling in my head,
and never knowing when it will end.
Should I run for cover,
or let another rain drop fall in my head again?
I would love to dance in the rain,
and knowing somehow it’ll help erase the pain.
Sometimes when I’m all alone,
and I see rain drops are falling outside again.
There’s happiness that I feel [...]

Rain Is Falling

Rain, rain, its always raining,
Rain, rain, I end up saying,
Rain, rain, please go away now,
Rain, rain, just leave right now,
Rain, rain, don’t know how,
I don’t care how,
To make my rainy day just go away.
So I stand,
in the pouring rain,
So I can,
feel the growing pain,
Of having rain,
coming down like the Armageddon flame.
I can see raindrops playing [...]

Rain Rain Rain

Rain Rain Rain,
Up above from the skies,
You come,
As drops of joy,
As drops of sorrow,
As a shower of blessing from the heavens.
Rain Rain Rain,
Pitter patter pitter patter,
On the window panes,
Thunder and lightning fill up the skies,
Creating an orchestral symphony.
Rain Rain Rain,
With wind, sun and clouds,
Seven colors you bring together,
And joy in our hearts.
Rain Rain Rain,
A miracle [...]

The Weeping Willow

In the rain,
In sorrow and in pain,
A small child,
Cries in the rain…
The small child hides,
Under a tree,
So no one can see him,
Crying in the rain…
Then he sees the tree,
And sees it weep,
It is a Weeping Willow,
Crying in the rain…
The rain still pours,
But the child does not weep.
However, the willow is still
Crying in the rain…

Rain, Rain-Come Today

Rain, Rain
Come today,
Come wash the blood that stained my clothes.
Rain, Rain
Come today,
Come wash the tears that stained my face.
Rain, Rain
Come today,
Come wash all this pain that won’t go away.
Rain, Rain
Come today,
Come wash all of my scars away.
Rain, Rain
Come today,
Come wash all my memories away.
Rain, Rain,
Come in and play,
So maybe i can rest one day.
Rain, Rain
Don’t [...]

Rain Drops Fall From Heaven

Tears swelling up in my eyes every night,
Rain drops fall from heaven.
Simply a walking disguise in the light,
Rain drops fall from heaven.
Wondering when I will be alright,
Rain drops fall from heaven.
Growing so weak no energy to fight,
Rain drops fall from heaven.
Losing all hope in my mind,
Rain drops fall from heaven.
Wishing that I could simply unwind,
Rain [...]