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Category: Missing You Poems

I Miss You Alot

I Miss u alot, I close my windows to this world, The Sky surrounds an empty darkness, Gloriously Glistens a golden girl, Her Flowy long hair in curls and swirls. I rub my eyes t’were a dream, My eyes focussed my world is paused, with lips as red as strawberry seeds, She satisfies my every

It’s You I Love

It’s you I love, Yet, you’re never there, I wish I could see you, But you don’t even care. I miss you tonight, I miss you today, Tell me you love me, Like you always used to say. When I heard that you ran off, I couldn’t believe my ears, I ran up to my

I Miss You

I miss you, I miss the way you hold me tight, And the thickly random bites. I miss the way stroke my hair, With such love, tender and care. I miss the coolness of the ice, Although it did take me by surprise. I miss how you can always tell from my eyes, But I

Missing You

The lonely days and lonely nights, Just seem to linger on, One day turns in to the next, Now that you are gone. You were such a part of me, I failed to realize, Just how empty one could feel, When part of one dies. When joined before God and man, We that day became

Missing You

Missing you, The way you look me in the eyes, The way you laugh, talk, smile When I’m with you my heart pounds fast, When we’re apart my heart rips in two, All my life I never thought I’d feel this way, Laying on my bed, all alone in the dark, crying Missing you… I

I Miss You

I think of you every night and day, Today I didn’t think of you but I though it was alright, I had a lot of things to do, But I couldn’t move on, on my life You hurt me when I dream of you, The only time I couldn’t control my mine is I’m dreaming

I Think Of You

I think of you, When wind grant tree to dance, The plant move in surge, shan’t, And the fusible of snow of sky. Learn me to swoop in you, And thoughts fly !!! Mellz Peter.

I Miss You My Friend

I miss you more than words can say, I think of you each single day, I love you like my sister and friend, I’ll always love you till the end. The more I think, the more I weep, At least I have memories to keep, I know we’ll meet again soon enough, But I can’t

You Were My Heart

You brought me hope, when I had none, I thought you were my destiny, I thought you were the one. And I don’t understand why we couldn’t be, You seemed so perfect, you were everything to me. You gave me love, when I had little, I opened my heart to you, it was so brittle.

I’ll Be Waiting

I’ll be waiting.. Look out to the horizon, A whole world lies beyond, The path of life shall guide you, And move you swiftly on, There’s new things to discover, And unseen sights to see, But always I’ll be waiting, For when you return to me. The road stretches before you, No one knows just

I am alone

I’m sitting here alone, Realising your gone, I know I cant change things, I know I was wrong. They all say I don’t need you, They all say I’m better off, They don’t understand I love you, Yet I never said it enough. I regret what I did, But I cant take it back, Wish