Collection of 'Missing You Poems'

The Painter

I keep my friends eternally
We leave our tracks in the sound
Some of them are with me now
Some of them can’t be found
It’s a long road behind me
And I miss you now
Neil Young

Walking Away

As I walk down the road
Opposite of you
I look over my shoulder
It’s very hard not to
I should have realized
Right away
That it was so easy for you
I was just in disarray
Didn’t want to believe it
It took five months
I still miss my friends
So very much.

Lonely Again

Sitting in class lonely again,
Thinking bout the way it has been, thought it was love,
Though it was true ,
Then a name came out the blue,
I asked and asked what was his name, then a look a look of shame,
I asked do you feel the same,
She replies no as tears fell from her eyes, how, how [...]


I miss those midnight conversations
and I miss how you would make me laugh out of frustration.
But you just come to know that you get so used to being loved,
and in one second, it can all come crashing down, now I know to not let anything get that far ever again.
Cause I didn’t know how I [...]

That Face

What a beautiful face
With a scar on her brow
About half a foot shorter
From head to the ground
What a figure she has
To this day makes me say
I miss her little bossom
Her teeth and her face
Oh what comfort they brang
She works very hard
To keep it intact
Man I sure wish
That I had her back
But that’s the risk you [...]

Missing You

When I hear your voice I still wait for you to say you love me,
Like you use to not so long ago,
When we talk I wish we could talk like we did not so long ago,
When you talk about her it reminds me of the way you use to talk about me not so long [...]

The way they felt

I miss them so much,
The way they felt
And Their touch
The smallest so funny
And cute like a bunny,
A boy so fantastic
His spirit and heart ever-lastin’
And a mother,
That Makes it all happen
I’m here at home
Of course I am alone
Trying to determine which memory
I Miss the most,
H-Dog at the plate
The cute girl in the [...]

What has happened to me?

I sit here in this place
So far from where I used to be.
Wondering, what happened?
How did this happen to me?
Remembering the days
Of times gone by.
I promised I wouldn’t do this
I said I wouldn’t cry.
I used to be so strong
Nothing could get in my way.
Now I am lost and forlorn
How did I get this way?
Seems like [...]

I’ll be waiting for you

How many times did I feel asleep happily,
Imagining you were laying next to me?
God knows.
God knows how much I loved you,
How much you meant to me,
I thought you knew it too, I was wrong totally.
You had been my sun,
You were in every breath I took,
In every good memory, when I’m alone.
I was the one who [...]

Memories are Left

I want to be with you,
But you’re millions of miles away.
I wish you would call just to ask about my day.
It would make things so much better if I could hear your voice,
I guess I can’t complain too much, it just wasn’t your choice.
You were always there for me through both the good times and [...]

I Miss You

I want to cry every night,
Because I miss the way we fight.
I pray for you every night,
Because I miss you not being in my sight.
I miss the sound of your voice,
That I am sick and tired of all this noise.
I miss the way you smell,
Oh that smell.
I miss the look upon your face,
That made me [...]

Why Did You Love Me?

Why did you love me?
Tell me now,
When our hairs are gray,
And our jealousy is no more…
Why did you love me?
Look at me now,
When your wide shoulders,
Are no more..
When my small waist,
Is no more…
Do you still love me?
Tell me now,
When our souls are still young,
And our memories fresh…
Why did you love me?
And yes, I can hear [...]