Memmories Poems And Poetry

Sweet Genell

There’s a fire burning in my heart.
There’s a flame igniting in my soul.
There is a scent blowing on the wind.
One I know so well.
The scent of sweet Genell.

Genell, once a sweet young lady.
So full of class and grace.
Now a mature woman.
With timeless love seen in her face.

She still walks through life with a childlike innocence.
Still looks at the world.
With bright eyes and Shirley Temple curls.
A woman of the ages.
Her life has went through many stages.

The world will always be one of show and tell.
For the sweet Genell.

Goodbye Michael

A star has been plucked from the sky.
The sky is now dimmer.
It happened on June 25th.
A day, we will always remember.

Never again to see Michael’s smile light up the skies.
Never again to see him moonwalk across the stage as his fans cries.
Never again to hear him sing Billie Jean.
To the roaring sound of his fans’ screams.

A brother of the sun has been taken away.
But in our hearts his music will always stay.
Michael Jackson will now dance among the clouds.
And in the heavens, you will still hear him singing loud and proud.

Memorial Day Poem

Memorial Day
A day to remember
Those who have passed
The ones we love to remember
I miss quite a few
My father lost two
In just the past year
I think of my gramps
My grandmothers and aunt
And my dog Elway
Still my best friend all the way
These people meant so much
My heart their memories clutch
And to my friends that lost their baby
How today their souls must be aching
I remember your courage and strength
To all I can’t see
I hope they know
How much glee they gave me.

The River

Up from the river,

She came to see me

I made her go back

So I’d remember

What I’d seen

What a beautiful sight

It sure was indeed

Just one of many thoughts

That brings me much glee

Met on a field

So innocently

And now what is left

Are these memories.

Lost In The Memory of You

There were days so long ago,
That time stood still,
Truth came to be known,
A passion from within,
Lost in the memory of you.

Kindness ruled the day,
Laughter all around,
Silence was stirring deep,
The heart full of love,
Lost in the memory of you.

Sadness consumed the soul,
For tomorrow would never come,
Longing to be near,
Yet distant and apart,
Lost in the memory of you.

Sweet Memories

Oh sweet memory,
My heart breaks deep inside.
Oh sweet memory,
It’s you I’m trying to hide.

Do you remember,
When my lips locked in the shopping Mall,
Or do you remember,
The nights we spend on phone?

Oh sweet memory,
Its hard now that you are gone.
Oh sweet memory,
I never knew what was going on.

Don’t you remember,
I held you in my arms.
Don’t you remember,
Or am I lost with all my charms.

Oh sweet memory,
I’m crying so hard.
Oh sweet memory,
I won’t send another mail to you.

You are my lost memory.

My Memory

Her brown & black, brown & black eyes,
Are just a memory.
One in which is trapped,
In the deep depths of my mind.

I want to let go,
Then I come close,
But I see,
The memory…

The song on the radio…
The pictures in the box…
The words she spoke…
The sound of her voice…

…All part of the memory.

I want to let go,
just as I come close,
I see as clear as day,
The memory…

Of the smiles and the laughs…
Of the happiness and joy…
Of the sunshine and the stars…
Of our love and the untouched kisses…
All part of the memory.

I want to let go,
Even though I come close,
I still remember,
The memory…

The first “Hello”,
Our first date,
Love’s first kiss,
I thought we had years,
But now I know,
It was all a lie, a joke,
A meaningless experiment.

Now here I lay,
Awake in the night,
Wondering when the,
Pain and suffering of heartache,
Will come to an end.

I want to let go,
Oh, so close,
Although so far,
Why can’t I forget,
The memory…

The memory…
The memory…
The memory…

I want to forget…
that memory.
I want to let go…
Of that memory.

My Memory.

Memories Of You

Memories Of You,
These perfect memory’s of you comforted me then,
All I wanted for you was to be safe,
All I wanted was to love you,
But you made sure that that wont happen, ever…

Memories of you,
You were the source of me,
But now. now you’re just the twisted girl that ruin my way of loving,
What will you do now,
Do you feel sorry or depressed because of what you did to me.

There all memories of you…

Loss Of Memory

I thank the loss of my memory,
Of those days when I had not a friend.
I am thankful to the memory,
Of those great moments when we are together.

I thank the loss of my memory,
Of those seconds prior to your reasonableness.
I am thankful to the memory,
Of the great dimple when you smile.

I thank the loss of my memory,
Prior to the reduction of your anger.
I am thankful to the memory,
Of those great sharing moments of your success.

I thank the loss of my memory,
For the reasons of our arguments.
I am thankful to the greatest,
Moments of my life with you.