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Category: Marriage Poems

After Marriage

Before marriage she used to keep me handsomely like a king on her lids; dancing them every now and again to rejuvenate my overwhelmingly harried senses, While after marriage she hardly opened her eyes; kept sleeping like an untamed monster all day; despite the most passionate of my appeals. Before marriage she harbored me like

On Marriage

Marriage is a gamble! Marriage is a punishment; Marriage is an evil that Most can’t but accept. Optimistic views: Marriage is a gift of God; Marriage is a blessing; Marriage is an enjoyment, We make the best of it. Marriage is so wonderful; Marriage is so fulfilling; Marriage is so wholesome; Marriage is an endless

Marriage & Love

Love spoke to marriage, “It is I who come first”. For which marriage replied, “It is for me you come”. Arguments arose and words clashed. Both who were one with another, Split away and, the result, No love ended in marriage, And all marriages broke. At last, He the Maker spoke, “Love, you are My


Marriage is not a game, Which we have to play, But it is to be handled softly. Marriage is a bond of two hearts, Which comes direct from God, Marriage is a nice gift given by God. Why to accept dowry? When you love someone by heart, Dowry is nothing but man-made custom. Marriage means