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Category: Happiness Poems


Like the birds sing a sweet song. Like the rivers strum a lovely tune. Like the stars serenade the moon. Like flowers look so pretty in June. Like water makes violets grow. Like winter brings flaky snow. This true and no jest. Love is the blueprint for happiness.


Happiness uplifts me, Happiness fills my heart, my mind, and my soul, Happiness gives me the strength I need, Happiness is a good feeling that enters my mind each day. Happiness takes my sadness away, Happiness fills my eyes with joy, Happiness makes me excited and thrilled Happiness warms my heart and soul each day.

True Happiness

The smile across her face is reflected in her eyes, This happiness she has, it’s not a lie. If she could, she would scream and jump for joy, But this happiness isn’t coming from a toy. Her cheeks hurt for smiling so long, I think she might start to sing a song. A song about

The Most Happiest Man..

Happiness is the most important thing for you to achieve in your life, Happiness can not be gained, It is earned by your heart. Happiness can be found, When you are close to God and obeying his words. Happiness can be found, When you show your kindness to others. Happiness can be found, When you