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Category: Graduation Poems


Graduation: letting go starting new There are many things we have to do Preparing for a life long journey ahead Remembering the wonderful lives we led Walking so proudly down the aisle Making sure you have a smile Having flashbacks of the past Wishing those moments could only last Trying not to shed a tear

Graduation’s Reason To Rejoice

Graduation’s reason to rejoice, Remembering what lies beyond our ends. And so yours gives occasion to my voice, Delighting in the gift of being friends. Underneath your pleasure is my pride, As yours remains the rock on which I stand. The window through which I can see inside Is hung upon the mirror in your

Graduation Ought Not Be An End

Graduation ought not be an end, Replacing what within we might achieve. After all, the good that we intend Does much to serve the good that we receive. Underneath the mask of a degree A person must perform with just the skill, The knowledge and the art that he or she Internalized through pluck, hard

Graduation Isn’t Gradual

Graduation isn’t gradual. In fact it’s quite abrupt, a sudden shock. It’s more like rushing towards a waterfall: One moment we’re afloat, and then we’re not. Sure, we see it coming up ahead, The water roaring into the abyss. We make a joke and look away instead, Unable to acknowledge what this is. And then

Graduates Become The Cover Story

Graduates become the cover story, Representing all those still within; As those who came before provide the glory Determining how well one might begin. Underneath the letters are the learners, A class on whom the mantle now must fall, Taken into custody as earners, Each a new advertisement for all, Serving as the institute writ

Graduation Time

The day has finally arrived, It’s our graduation time, From now till then, we’ll look back on this diploma, Knowing that we reached this far, knowing that we can do anything if we just put our minds to it. So let’s enjoy this very moment, Dreaming things that we never dreamed before, Dreaming that we

Graduation Is a Time

Graduation is a time For feeling very proud, For thinking lots of lovely thoughts And saying them out loud. It’s a time for feeling love About to overflow, And just before it leaps its banks, To let the loved one know. And so I’m very proud of you For being who you are, For making

Goodbye, Dear Friend and Graduate

Goodbye, dear friend and graduate! Our golden time is over now, Our time of nothing more than time, Days of simply being friends. But I will always treasure how Your love for me slipped into mine, Embracing me where courage ends. Nicholas Gordon.


Middle school is coming and going It will soon come to end All those memories All those friends 8th Grade Yearbooks were getting signed And everyone Was being so kind Graduation Day is here And as I looked upon my peers, I thought High school is our last 4 years After that, we’ll be seperated

Walking Through High School

This is it everything that you have gone through us now memories. All of your happy and sad times in high school have now faded. A new life has begun on your own. No more waking up dreading that this day will never get here. Now the day is here and your missing everyone before

Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the climax of a dream. A parental dream that began when a child is born, And their hope come true it would seem, A triumph held after periods of forlorn, A feeling of pride and euphoria years away For a daughter or son – Graduation Day. It is a peak of success