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Category: GoodBye Poems

Goodbye My Friend

You’re such a friend, Who shares, laughter and sorrows, I lean on your side, When i am alone and upset. You comfort me then, And you make me laugh, You weep my tears, When my eyes are wet. Don’t forget me friend, Always be on my side, To share my aches, And concise my words.

I Love You & Goodbye

I will never forget you, Though I may meet someone new, But a part of my heart, Will forever belong to you. I know it won’t be easy, And I’ll miss you every second, But everything in life, Comes with a special lesson. Letting go is hard, But when all the sadness clears, There will

Don’t Cry

Don’t cry upon my passing, I’ve lived a long and satisfying life, I have raised four beautiful children, With the most adorning wife. My life was full of memories, I shared with each of you, So do not cry upon my passing, Remembering will keep you from feeling blue. My stories will live on forever,

Goodbye False Friend

We stood there side by side, And together we waved goodbye. Then we went our separate ways, Seems our friendship was a lie. He was our only form of connection, Without him we were dead. We didn’t even keep in touch, To see you – a day I’ll dread. Why did she not call, When

Best Goodbye

What love made me, That broke me into pieces, Time flies and still hurting, Hoping everyday can be a better feeling. You was in my life and Never regret it, That light surely striked my heart, Never thought it striked, Till down on my knees. Again it can bring me, To the shakey or To