Funny Poems And Poetry

Funny Bunny

There once was a bunny,
Who was really funny,
That ate some carrots,
With some cool ferrets.

Then there was a bologna,
Who was inside Rodney,
Being digested horribly,
Then he saw the bunny.

Bunny ate Rodney,
This made him funny,
As he ate the honey,
Covered in bologna.

The Innocent Children

Tiny Smiles,
Light up the Room,
By the children.

You can hear their laughter,
Down the hall,
The funny part is,
Their laughing at nothing at all.

How is it that somewhere,
Between the ages of twelve
and fourteen,
You lose that sweet
And you become serious,
You no longer find simple things funny,
You watch your weight,
And care only about money,
For a new pair of expensive jeans,
Or those wonderful shoe,
I just sit and I muse.

Why don’t I laugh like that anymore?
And smile while I’m just thinking?
Where did my childhood go?


When you care,
When you love,
When you cannot feel
The world around you
still does.


One is a funny number,
Like one slap, one punch, one step,
One hundred, one needs, one wants.
2 is better, 2-late, 2-good, 2-bad, 2-funny,
2-near, 2-far, 2-o’clock, 2-need.
3 is a crowd, 3-kings, 3-crows,
Thats all ‘4’ now.

Love Is A Funny Thing

For two lovebirds, I met a Stratford on Avon,
With the first initials D & T,
They know who they are.

Love is a funny thing,
one minute you are up,
then the next you are down.
Then your head is spinning around,
your seeing stars,
dancing on the moon.
Love is a funny thing,
and that is for sure.

Its Funny..

Its Funny…
When I’m happy I have a bad day.

Its Funny,
That when I wish it was hot it snowed.

Its Funny,
That when the world is finally at peace War begins.

Its Funny,
When I fancy Chicken my mum cooks pork.

Its Funny,
When I get a new phone It breaks.

Its Funny,
When I tell my friend a secret and politely ask her not to tell a soul but she does anyway.

Its Funny,
When my mate does something wrong I get in trouble.

Its Funny,
I want to watch a movie on T.V but theres a powercut from start to finish.

Its Funny,
When I ask for a cat for my birthday, I get a fish.

Its Funny,
When I say I love you
You reply….I love you too and I always will.

Dogs Are Funny

I saw a dog, his head through the fence,
It was really very silly,
And it didn’t make sense,
Dogs are funny.

I saw a dog lying on his tummy,
Right next to him was a bunny,
I saw a dog try to climb a tree,
When I tried to stop him, he bit me.
Dogs are funny.

All he wanted was the branch,
But it was no match,
I saw a dog chase his tail,
Oh, oh, he tripped over a pail.
Dogs are funny.

Funny Thing Is!

It’s funny you know,
When the colors go and
I can see just who you are and
Funnier still for laughter heals,
Before it seemed so far.

For we shall see a world my friend, so beautiful, so clear
It’s funny you know,
How we could start, with one changed view, idea.

I have a feeling it’ll all be worth it,
every endurance, cost
Every heart broken, given
Returning to those that lost.

When we see that day,
We shall see what laughter means,
The kind that’s seen beyond present views,
Our Foolishness.


Then we’ll laugh together,

These racist traits we’ll lose forever,

It’s funny you know.