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Category: Friendship Poems

Trigger A Thought

Trigger a thought A memory or two Before you got old Before you ever knew What would you await As you journeyed ahead Hardly even thought About making the bed If friends went away You made new ones instead But as time gathers on And you listen to OLD songs It’s not very often Good

Tell Them We’re Friends

A cloud hangs low, He’s on his knees. So difficult he coul scream. Yet we carry on to never end. Screaming inside, A soothing voice to calm the ride. What’s best is best, What feels so wrong is yet so right. Just to hold me close, Before they come to sight. Like this, it’s a

Silence, My Friend

I used to know a sweet man, I secretly called him Silence. He was honest and loving, He was kind and comforting. I miss him so much, Silence, my fiend. Silence, my friend. Where have you gone? I used to relish in the time we shared and we wasted, Quiet and Unspoken, it was ceaseless.

I hold your hand

If I told you how crazy I still am for you, Would you hold it against me. If I told you how much I’ve missed you, Would you think less of me. Can I hold your hand, If you gave me the chance. I would hold your hand, For as long as you let me,

Friendship Never Ends

We were in kindergarten when we became friends, we made a packed we’d be friends till the end. playing on the playground swingin’ on the swings, next thing we know we’d be teens. Telling secrets, talking about boys, Growing up, getting rid of all our toys. Talking to each other on the phone, Knowing that

Friendship Is Like A Flower

Friendship is like a flower, Glowing in its glory, Each and every seed, Telling its own story. As each flower blooms, And then continues to grow, More of its strength and knowledge, Continues to show. And like a garden, It blooms much more fair, When carefully tended, By those who care. Once in a while,


When you are sad, and you feel you can’t go on. Tears well in your eyes, and the pain is so strong. So far from your friends, and you’re all on your own. No-one to run to, So very alone. When all seems so useless, and you can’t take anymore. As you put on your

Friendship Is Give And Take

Friendship is give and take, Friendship is understanding and forgiving when a friend makes a mistake, Friendship is about being there when a friend’s heart aches. Friendship is not about making demands, Friendship is not even trying to understand and dismissing the other out of hand, Friendship is not about me, it’s about we. Friendship

True Friendship

Friendship is like a flower, Friendship is like a good people who will never hurt you. Friendship is like a rose it just gets prettier. Friendship is like a very good book, Friendship is like a very good CD. Friendship is like a rose it just gets prettier. Friendship is like everlasting, Friendship is like

My Beautiful Friend

You made me laugh when I cried so hard, You gave me bracelets to cover my scars. You held me close when I was so cold, You offered a comforting hand to hold. You picked me up whenever I fell, You showed me heaven when I was blinded by hell. You answered my calls in


Our friendship is special so sweet and so true If ever you need me I’ll be right there for you I’ve searched high and low and never could find a friendship as sweet as is Yours and Mine So, here’s a big hug and a little kiss, too thank you, my friend for just being

The Miracle Of Friendship

There is a miracle called Friendship that dwells within the heart and you don’t know how it happens or when it even starts. But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift and you realize that Friendship is God’s most precious gift. Jean Kyler McManus.