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Category: Father Poems

My Father

Everywhere I go I see a father, Then I always think “Why don’t I have a father”, I know the painful answer yet I hate it so much, Why should I fall under this misery, To have a father I barely remember, Yet my mother speaks so bitterly of him, My father who drank the

I Love My Father

My father, Is my friend, In childhood, I love my father, More and more. I am a elder son For my father. I asking toys, I asking sweets, More and more, At my father. My father tell, About the stories, At god, And ramayana, And mahabarath, I was enjoy, My father tell story, Enjoy enjoy.

My Father

My father, say you love me, My father, say you care, My father, you made my temper flare. My father, you made me cry, My father, I never wanted to say good bye. My father, you make me sigh, My father, have you gotten high. You love me, You hate me. Which is it? ?