Death Poems And Poetry

My Savior

My one and only,
Always there when I’m lonely,
Plain and simple,
Tho has the power to move mountains,
But gentle to the touch,
For many its comforting,
While others not so much,
I give all my love to you,
For that day,
When I stray,
From reality
You will put me in my place,
With all your beauty and grace,
I cannot face,
The day you take my life away.

I Don’t Fear Hell

I Don’t Fear Heaven,
And I Sure Don’t Fear Hell,
So Take Me Down There,
And To Satan I Will Tell,
Bring On The Pain That Awaits Me,
I Didn’t Come Here For A Reward,
But This Sure Beats Heaven,
Cause At Least Here I Ain’t Bored.

Death Is A Woman

In the face without masks,
Death is a woman.
In the moment you know yourself,
Death is a woman.
At the end of all questions,
Death is a woman.
As the well of all answers,
Death is a woman.
At the end of all regrets,
Death is a woman.
In the liberation through tears,
Death is a woman.
As the relief from battle,
Death is a woman.
In the loving embrace,
Death is a woman.
As the end of all pain,
Death is a woman.
As the return to the source,
Death is a woman.
In the dreamless sleep,
Death is a woman.
In the endless peace,
Death is a woman .

I Stare Death In The Eyes

Every morning I wake up,
To stare death in the eyes,
Thinking of everyone,
I put the gun away,
I walk away from the eyes of death,
I got through the pain everyday,
Not because it happens,
Because it happened,
Staring death in the eyes,
Makes me understand why,
Slitting wrist,
Buck shots to the head,
Eating bullets,
Become a reality,
Rather than imaginary,
Staring death in the eyes,
Makes me more comfy,
With death,
To myself,
To end life,
Is not the way,
Because of pain and others,
Are why I live today,
I stared death in the eyes…
And I survive to live another day .

Life After Death

Life after death is silent,
As in a cemetery.

Mourners came and went,
Dirge and elegy are gone.

Death does not hear,
Even a silent prayer.

Death does not see,
Even the dark underground.

When death does speak,
You do not hear.

When death does smile,
You do not see.

A song of those who are no more,
Cannot be sung.

The singer of another world,
Cannot be seen,

Life is not a drama,
World is not a stage.

The theater is empty,
In a drunken town.


Death is forever, so don’t flirt with death.
Death is painful, so stay away from knifes.
Death is not for lovers, so don’t die.
Death is not for me, so don’t even try.
Death is never clear, so be careful.
Death is never fun, so stay away from strangers.
Death is never pleasing, so don’t get caught up in the hype.
Death is never fair, so get use to it.
Death is always occurring, so don’t forget it.
Death is never what u expect, so expect the unexpected.
Death is not for you, so please don’t give up.
Death is forever, so don’t forget that.