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Category: Break Up Poems

I promise I’ll say “Ok”

Just because we believe differently doesn’t present a problem for me. We don’t always need to agree to love and laugh as a family. When you think something is for sure true, and I think I have doubts, that’s just you being you, and me being me.. it’s nothing to worry about. If I say

I’ll be waiting for you

How many times did I feel asleep happily, Imagining you were laying next to me? God knows. God knows how much I loved you, How much you meant to me, I thought you knew it too, I was wrong totally. You had been my sun, You were in every breath I took, In every good

I Used To Know A Woman

I used to know a woman deep within the sky, She was sweet and had something pure to her cry, But things changed and the distance caused her to flea, There are no more beautiful skies of stars left to see. My heart had shattered like a rock smashing a car windshield, MY moves used

My Decision

How can I live like this, I hate the world, The world hates me, The world does not care, No one cares about me. I love her, She does not love me, I hang my head low, For the time is near, I wish to tell her the truth. I have spilled my guts to

The Day I Died

I spot the knife on the table, I slowly float over to it, Picking it up, feeling the cool blade, Knowing it will pierce my skin soon. My hand quivering, My fingers lingering, Gripping the handle, Ready for the pain. Taking one last glance, Looking for witnesses, No one is around, I look back down.

The Reason We Argue

I could go around telling people I’m over you, Pretending that what I felt was through. Never knowing if we’d have a chance to get back together, Just trying to forget what we had with one another. I’m tired of hearing and telling these lies, Because every time I try part of my heart dies.

Time Lost

Wasting a lifetime, Trying to find love, Nothing happens, No hope, no girl. Suddenly see her, But ten years before, Can’t do anything, Used to be friends, nothing more. Now realized affection, Can go no further, Lost a lifetime, And lost desire. Try to forget, But can’t, Try to die, But don’t. Mind suddenly gone,

Lost Love

I loved you more than I have ever known, Those starry eyes, Those tender lips, You made my heart melt, Then boil into a roaring fire. I now know, What my eyes could not see, You are the only one that is for me. Many nights those tears flew, Being myself without anyone, Anyone to


Here lays my heart, All broken and torn; There are no feelings left in it, For me to mourn. Here lays my mind, Which has repressed; All the memories we have shared, That have left me a mess. Here lays my soul, Which you took away; Along with my faith and trust in you, That

The Break-Up

This is hard for me, but has to be done; Its not to hurt you, Saying this is not fun. Please understand, For you, I really care; I love you, And the time we shared. But its over now, Time to move on; Time to leave the past, A new life has begun. We both

No Longer There

Why is it.. That we can never remain friends? We were so close when we were together. I thought of you as my best friend, But now that we are no longer a couple, It seems as if we’ve lost our trust, Our trust in each other and our love. You say you want to

Forever Gone

The name I despise. To say it would mean that once again, I wonder – Wonder why, where, and whom he’s with. Not me. It’s so easy to wonder, but hard to let go. Innocent he was; Pure, Clean. When whispering sweet nothings in your ear, You seem to drift away to the place only