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Category: Beauty Poems

True beauty Is In The Way She Laughs

True beauty is in the way she laughs, True beauty is in her eyes, True beauty is how she acts, True beauty is inside, True beauty is unseen, True beauty is only felt, True beauty is not mean, True beauty is herself, True beauty can’t be cruel, True beauty is bare, True beauty within you,


Beauty is behind looks, Beauty is behind personality, Beauty is behind pretty hair, Beauty is behind smarts. Beauty is behind your skin color, Beauty behind your body shape, Beauty comes in different shape, And size and we all beauty, In our who way.

Beauty Is All

Lots of beauty, In this world, A world of beauty, In which beauty is all. But in particular, You stand out most, The most beautiful in this world, In which beauty is all. You make others, Look dull, In the presence of your beauty, In a world in which beauty is all. Everyone tries but

The Beauty We Ignore

I am the beauty, The beauty in the summer “the heat”, We ignore it. I am the beauty, The beauty in the winter “frozen cold”, We ignore it. I am the beauty, The beauty in the fall “dying life”, We ignore it. I am the beauty. The beauty in the spring “birth of nature”, We

Awesome Beauty

When the golden sunset, Sets over the amber hills, And when the moon shines bright, And all the world stands still, There is beauty, awesome beauty. God took the dust and formed a man, He paints each sunrise with His hand, He took all the love within His heart, And gave us beauty from the


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Beauty is in all things. Beauty is in the sky, Beauty is in the water ever so blue. Beauty is the winter when trees are covered with snow, Beauty is the summer when you smell and see the flowers grow. Beauty is all things big and little,