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Category: Anger Poems


I take chaos, as it takes me. I know people are terrified of the bomb… that is etched with anger waiting to explode. This bomb resembles (me) People watch the rage inside build up the loneliness, the heart break.. the depression. Just watching me as I grow. The silence is breath taking. I don’t know

Anger Rages Inside

Anger is bubbling away at me, Burning a whole in my heart, Making me burn with rage, I have good reason to be angry. I only wish, I could make them pay, Put them through, What they did to me. Anger is destroying me, For I’m hell bent on revenge, I would love to dish

My Anger

Anger is a feeling, Something that can control you if you let it. Some people take their anger out, On other people, or other things. I tend to do it differently. Some people write when they are angry Some people draw. Me, I’m not like any of these people at all. I don’t let my


Anger is a result of fear, A result of heartache and tears. Anger causes pain, Which in the end will remain. Hidden in the past, It all came out last. For waiting to long, Would cause the suffering to go on. And in the end, Hopefully all the anger will be gone, And forgiving would

I Hate

I hate the way you smile, I hate the way you make me smile, I hate the way you make me feel, I hate the way you sound when your sleepy. I hate the way you used to tickle my back, I hate the way you used to call me baby, I hate the sparkle

I Hate You

I hate you, I hate how you complain, I hate how you moan, I hate how you groan, I hate how you criticize, I hate how you fuss, I hate how you cuss, I hate how you get angry, I hate how you get mad, I hate how you get up-tight, I hate how you

I Hate It

I hate how I loved you, I hate how I felt, I hate everything you said, That made my heart melt. I hate what you did, I hate how I hurt, I hate how you left me, Alone to die in the dirt. I hate how you said you loved me, I hate that I

Anger Does Not Pay

Anger is red danger, But a familiar stranger. So It came as no surprise, At the times I have paid the price. More than the usual thrice, Before becoming very wise. The judge said, I should have been put in a cage, If one considers all the damage. I brought on with my rage. I

The Anger Inside Me

Anger is deep within me, Anger is what I want to hear, Anger drives me crazy, Anger is what turns me on, Anger wants to kill me, Anger is what makes me mad. Anger inside me, Needs to stop, Where did it come from, Will it ever stop, My anger is uncontrollable, Anger lashes out


Anger is not love, Anger is drinking, Anger is killing someone, Anger one thing never do, Love, anger love not anger, Anger is ramming you head through a glass door. When your are man you do stupid things, Stupid things that are stupid, When mad you don’t feel nothing, Anger we all have, Anger you