I promise I’ll say “Ok”


Just because we believe differently doesn’t present a problem for me. We don’t always need to agree to love and laugh as a family.

When you think something is for sure true, and I think I have doubts, that’s just you being you, and me being me.. it’s nothing to worry about.

If I say it’s a bag and you say it’s a sack, and your blue looks purple to me, that’s certainly no reason to cancel our plans and all of the things that could be.

We were so much in love I thought, you see, I was planning on staying forever. I thought we’d raise kids and have a nice life and always be happy together.

It was a shock when you told me that perhaps you had made a mistake, I thought we were happy; Perfect? Of course not..but we had all of the things that it takes.

I’ll never forget these last several months, they were a few of the best in my life; I’ve never been so happy, so content and things never felt so right.

All good things must come to an end and I understand that it’s true. But I thought we’d keep going in heaven…not me saying good bye to you.

If at anytime you tell yourself that you let one get away, give me a call and ask me back and I promise I’ll say “ok”.


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