All Luscious

All luscious and sweet. You’ve made my life complete. Like a cherry Tootsie Roll Pop. Long lasting love whenever we meet. It seemed as though the stars shone tonight. Just for you. It seemed as if raindrops of love. Fell softly for two lovers true. Wrapped up in your arms. All warm and tight. Everything

Fire In Your Touch

Love so beautiful like a rose. Your lovely face is imprinted in my soul. Something to cherish and always hold. Your love keeps me warm when I grow cold. Some things will wither and grow old. Our love will always be bright and bold. Sometimes a flame burns low so much. But, darling, there will


God sprinkled the night sky with stars. God sprinkled the heavens with angels. God sprinkled your eyes with love. God sprinkled the galaxy with stardust above. God sprinkled the oceans with blue. God sprinkled my life with you. God sprinkled moms with new born babes. Who give unconditional love. Sent like you darling from heaven


Darling, the Jamaican night was sizzling. And so were you in your one piece bathing suit. Looking delicious like pineapple fruit. The brilliant stars dotted the sky. Beads of pearls dripped down your face. Sweet coconut milk on your lips I could taste. A lady of high fashion. A white sand beach. A night filled

Love Me

Every time you want me. Am I there just for the company. Whenever I say hi you replay with a bye. Whenever I am scared. You say that you are there. Every time you look at me. Effectively like you want me. It’s never really me. It’s always her or she. Every time I want

Dream World

Soft and mellow. Sweet like jello. That’s how you felt when I held you on the dance floor. Eyes closed. As we took our whirl. Felt like I was in dream world. Bodies entwined as they played our favorite song. Sparks that you send. God I prayed that this slow dance would never end.

Your Face

Your face is smiling and inviting. Kiss so exciting. Lips so sweet. Taste like a peach. Your face is framed in my mind. Painted in my heart. Tattooed on my soul. Sketched on my skin. Part of my very being.

Garden Of Love

God planted a seed in the garden of love, Given life by raindrops from heaven above. From the seed came you my love. My pretty little flower. My perfect rose. Bending your head to the bright sunlight. Making my heart sing all through the night. Tantalizing my senses with your sweet scent. A thing of

A Way – Out

After A Heartache, He Ran So Fast, Pondering The Silence With A Disgusting Contrast. He Laughed A Cry, He Cried: A Joke, Drowning In The Terrible Beauty, Of What The Demons Spoke. Be It So, Then The Voices Answered, Reclaiming The Faults To Be, Of His Own Actions, His Own Words. Then He Slowed Down

Pretty Sweet Thing

I bask in your love. I delight in your kiss. I glide in your heart. I swim in your soul. I’m rich beyond compare. Knowing that for me you will always care. You are my sunrise in the morning. My stars at night. You are my fresh morning air. My cool running spring. My dew

Desert Flower

Precious as a rose in bloom. Treasured more than a gold filled room. Jewels are the moments spent with you. Diamonds are your love so true. Your love is my treasure. Happiness beyond measure. My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. My desert flower that always grows.

Thunder Love

The moon just went behind black clouds. Wind whistling loud. Weeping willows dancing proud. My sweetheart in my arms. Nature sounding alarm. Thunder in our love. Slow and beautiful like a white dove.