A Single Tear

I remember the time we said goodbye. A single tear fell from your eye. My love was going away. On a distant trip today. Her nearness she knew I would surely miss. Upon my head she placed a kiss. Even though she left today. Her heart never did go away. Upon a TWA jet she

My Strength

I wake up in the morn. Sometimes feeling tired and worn. Through the window comes the morning sun. Shining on you darling. My love my only one. Like a flower needs a bee. Like a forest needs a tree. Like Popeye needs his spinach. I need you darling, my strength.

Raindrops Of Love

My love and I strolled outside. In the flower garden. Beautiful and scenic. It was cloudy in the sky above. It began to shower raindrops of love. You and I darling became drenched. Wet with droplets from above. Love raindrops look good on your face. From your lips they gave a sweet taste. In your

Kiss In The Wind

Birds fly. Eagles soar. For your love my heart roars. A baby is born. New life begins. Love was born from a kiss in the wind. I loved you in the beginning. I’ll love you til the end. Our love began. With a sweet kiss in the wind.

Recipe For Love

Five cans of patience. Five boxes of romance sensation. Ten cups of sharing. A gallon of caring. A bowl of trust. Honesty a must. Always put God first. Salvation for thirst.

Sweet Whispers On The Wind

Our love was whispered on the wind tonight. Everything was right when we held each other. So very tight. Our love was reflected by the moon. Our song of love. We could hear the wind croon. The wind whispered. Trust your heart, Go with your feelings. This sweet love you’ll always be needing. We were

The Best Part Of Me

Love flows like a river. Love falls like the rain. The thought of you makes me shiver. The touch of your lips makes me quiver. Love smells sweet like a rose. Love is deep like the sea. Your love like leaves on a tree. Is darling the best part of me.

Diamonds So Bright

The way her eyes sparkle like diamonds so bright. The way her lips taste like apples so sweet. Really knocks me off my feet. The way her touch sets me on fire. The way her lovely scent lingers. The soft feel of her hair on my fingers. The way she always make me feel. A

Magical Night

What a magical night. I drowned in your caress. I’ll always remember how cute you looked. In your silk mini dress. Pretty long legs. All lovely and tan. Looking so good. You could light up a baseball stand. When you walked. All the guys’ heads did turn. For a moment with you. They would walk

Something Mystical

Something mystical happened today. I felt your touch. Even though you’re far away. I felt your hands upon my face. It seemed as though your sweet lips. I could taste. It seemed as if I could feel your embrace. It took me to a wonderful place. Because even when you’re far away. I feel your

Thirsty Soul

Love, darling, is you. Your love cascaded down the waterfalls of your heart. To my thirsty soul. Your love filled the crevices of my life. Your love is my lighthouse. My beacon in the night. I found home in your heart.

Summer And You

Sky looking so blue. Summer, darling, always remind me of you. Picnics in the park. Fireflies lighting up the sky after dark. Crickets serenading. Stars parading. The wind caressing the trees. The scent of love on the breeze. Wildflowers on the hillside. You by my side. Looking so sweet. Like a cherry snow cone treat.