Bon Voyage

I am me,
Used to be.
My lies are true,
True are my lies,
This is me,
Where truth lies.

World’s round,
All way around,
I am me,
Thought so,
Things change,
Obsessed to;

I am me,
Or what’s left,
Looked at your feet,
Ain’t so pretty now,
Didn’t dare, look up,
The way you’ve changed.

You are sweet,
Sweetest poison,
Left me dying,
killed me, living,
Thing’s dying,
Wish it’d be me.

I am me,
If ever was,
This is me,
Here I lie,
Lie my rose,
Keep me close;

Still you smile,
Liked you so,
Gave you rose,
Thorns intact,
Love you so,
One last time.

You are me,
I am you,
Still, so be,
Smile to me,
Lie to me,
Bon Voyage.

Sorrowful emptiness

A light dims out,
I think without a doubt.

Why do I stay here?
Is it just a mere.

I feel no pain,
Which thus I cannot gain,

I hope you see,
The sorrowful side of me.

I can’t feel Free,
Though I try so desperately.

I feel so empty,
As empty as a hollow shell,
Why am I in this living hell?

I fear the worst,
Has already come
Am I cursed?

Am I alone in this pityful world,
So I can Atone for my sins?!
The light is gone.

Shade Under The Tree

I dream of a clear sunny day.
Sitting alone on a green patch of grass,
Under the shade of a large tree,
Feeling the soft cool breeze,
Breathing the fresh countryside air,
Listening the rustle of leaves,
And enjoying the refreshment of an ice-cold beer.
Yes, the perfect moment of peace.

But this ‘moment of peace’ will not be forever,
To sit under this tree until death I will never.
I see beauty among the weeds to the field unsown,
The flowers they bloom, they wilt, they fall down.

I look up to the leaves giving me shade,
They too will fall to the earth – from all things were made.
The sky will not stay sunny, be left alone.
Everything is temporal, created to be undone.

My drink is finished, the moment is gone.
I think it is time that I’ll be better at home.
Life is so mean, as vicious a cycle:
Of bliss to sorrow, and back like a circle.

To relax for more pain, is this what is living?
Then I hear some footsteps, someone is coming!
I stand up and see a familiar girl toward me,
My heart jumps for joy as she draws close to the tree.

We stood in the shade exchanging few words,
From ‘how is…’ to ‘take care then’, a plain story that bores.
I look into her eyes, she watches me intently.
Oh Lord, what a pretty face, I’m admiring her beauty!

Both of us rolled our eyes toward the green field at sight,
Wishing for a parallel world where lovers we be might.
I frown upon the thought, and here is reality:
She’s committed to someone else, and he rightly deserves loyalty.

She walks on her journey, I take the other direction.
Best to part ways now than fall in admiration.
Yes, she’s so lovely, but she’s not the one.
Gaining nothing again, and I walk alone.

To have one like her, it seems to me a luxury.
This life is in shambles, cast with a shadow so gloomy.
Loving one person, the only inspiration to save me?
No extreme circumstances, I believe there are many.

Better days lie in the far unseen future.
Having one more day, moving forward so hopeful.
They say they do it for love, for ultimate life eternal.
Not only in body or soul, I see a man immortal.

In the remembering Future, ’tis where eternity is also.
Wake up! It starts within the self, greatest love first go.
Then from myself unto others, admiration they’ll give me.
More than that ‘peace’ and that encounter under dream’s tree.

Crying Over You

Forever you promised,
Forever a lie,
You promised the Moon,
And the stars in the sky.
You’d stolen my heart,
Then left me alone,
You were so cold,
It chilled to the bone.
You left me with nothing,
But tears and a past,
When you said “I love you”,
I thought it would last.
But “I love you” found an ending,
The “us” and “we” no more,
You said you didn’t mean to,
But you hurt me to the core.
So I guess that I’m the loser,
Cause you’ve found
Someone new.
But I’m still here,
Still all alone,
Just crying over you.

Author: Brittany Douglas.

You Never Loved Me

You call yourself lover,
That’s a lie…
After all the times,
You made me cry.
Your love was fake,
Wow I’m late…
Found that out when we,
Started to date.

Passion Tonight

Darling, you are really on fire tonight.
Explosive like dynamite.
Exciting like fireworks at night.
Making passion rise.
With those sultry bedroom eyes.

Ready to explode like TNT.
With sweet love just for me.
Passion tonight is like nitro.
What a beautiful morning afterglow.


White clouds,
Morning breeze,
Ripples in the pond,
Dancing trees.

Tall grass blowing.
Our love growing.
Sunlight shimmering.
Sweet love simmering.

Love Destiny

My love sets sail upon waves of trust.
Destined for your heart.
My love takes flight upon breezes of honesty.
Destined for your soul.

My love walks a path of sincerity.
Destined for your mind.
My love climbs a mountain of togetherness.
Destined for your life.

Magic Is You

Bodies swaying to and fro.
To the music of Barry Manilow.
Hearts aglow.
Holding each other on the dance floor.

Dancing until weak in the knees.
To that hip disco music by the Bee Gees.
Ending the night in a sweet groove.
Listening to Neil Diamond.
Voice so smooth.

Music is magic.
And magic is you.
I feel magic to the core.
Whenever I hold you on the dance floor.


A starry night in June.
Two silhouettes can be seen on the moon.
On a night so cool and fair.
Sweet kisses under the white oak tree.
Two lovers without a care.

The moon seemed to feel our love.
Like the inside of a warm glove.
The moon spoke to us tonight.
As passion reached its greatest height.

My Favorite Dish

A piece of coconut cake,
A cup of vanilla ice cream,
A slice of apple pie,
Can all bring bliss.
But darling, you’re my favorite dish.

A piece of you.
Topped with love and affection.
Is my one desire and wish.
Served with passion and a sweet kiss.
Life doesn’t get much better than this.

My Favorite Flavor

Cherry Coke tastes sweet.
Mountain Dew is so neat.
But darling, you’re my favorite flavor.
The one that I always savor.

Sweet as a strawberry soda.
Fresh as lemonade.
Smooth like Mello Yello.
Makes me glad I’m your fellow.

Drinking nice and slow.
Satisfies my thirst.
Every part is sweet to the taste.
Not one drop goes to waste.

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