That’s My School

Up at my school,
Everyone is different,
Yet we are treated,
Like an equal.

Everyone is always smiling,
Or laughing so hard,
They start to cry,
That’s my school.

A lot of people,
Go through my school,
Home of the blue jays,
To cool for school.

Standing tall upon the hill,
Behind all the trees,
Stands the blue jay’s school,
Yup, that’s my school.

Each person is unique,
Form the clothes,
To the hair,
To their personality.

Each person is free,
To express themselves,
And be who they want,
That’s my school.

WHS blue jay pride,
That’s something,
That can never be beat,
And something that we can’t hide.

Friends come and go,
But one thing will live on,
The pride we had for our team,
Just like my school did.

No matter where I go,
Or how far I leave town,
I’ll always be proud to say,
WHS in WashMo is my school.

I Sent My Child To School Today

I sent my child to school today,
With his little lunch box,
When he came home he said his friend,
Had gotten the chickenpox.

I sent my child to school today,
And asked him what he learned,
He told me about firemen,
They taught him how not to get burned.

I sent my child to school today,
He said, “Do you know what they taught me?”
He told me they taught him numbers,
As well as his ABC’s.

I sent my child to school today,
A smile on his face,
I gave him a kiss and a hug,
And said, ‘See ya funny face!

I sent my child to school today,
His smile bright and wide,
But an older child brought in a gun,
How did he get it inside?

I sent my child to school today,
As in every day,
But the child with the gun started shooting,
The reason? No one could say.

I buried my child after school today,
All I can do is cry,
I lost my child at school today,
And nobody can tell me why.

I don’t like school

I don’t like school,
They don’t let me play,
I don’t like school,
Not any day.
I don’t like school,
It’s not fun for me,
I don’t like school,
Someday I hope they let me free.


School, it is stressing at times.
Many times I don’t even have it on my mind,
School is good, and it is bad, there are times I think that I’m going to mad.
It is a good thing to go to school, so that you could remember the rules,
Don’t be shy,
Don’t be a fool,
Go to school, and learn all the rules.

Anger Rages Inside

Anger is bubbling away at me,
Burning a whole in my heart,
Making me burn with rage,
I have good reason to be angry.

I only wish,
I could make them pay,
Put them through,
What they did to me.

Anger is destroying me,
For I’m hell bent on revenge,
I would love to dish out,
My own justice,
But I cant.

Anger Bubbles away.
Like a swishing sound,
Of the waves,
Like a brook babbles,
Anger takes a hold.

My Anger

Anger is a feeling,
Something that can control you
if you let it.

Some people take their anger out,
On other people, or other things.

I tend to do it differently.
Some people write when they are angry
Some people draw.

Me, I’m not like any of these people at all.
I don’t let my anger show to anyone but me.

I keep my anger to myself,
But when it gets to be too much,
I just cant control myself.

I go to my room and lock the door,
Blast my music until every voice in my head,
Telling me not to do what I’m about to do is just a blur.

I open my drawer,
Take out my scissors, and I cut
until the pain in my arm dulls out
the pain in my heart…..

Then I’m done.
Put the scissors away,
Turn off the music,
Unlock the door,

And go on with my life…….
Until I just cant take it any more.


Anger is a result of fear,
A result of heartache and tears.
Anger causes pain,
Which in the end will remain.

Hidden in the past,
It all came out last.
For waiting to long,
Would cause the suffering to go on.

And in the end,
Hopefully all the anger will be gone,
And forgiving would be granted.

To the pain, suffering, tears and fear that they started,
Forgetting won’t be easy,
But in the end you will sleep peacefully,
With the comfort of knowing.

It is better talking about the problems than any showing,
And later on, All will be said and done.
The anger and everything else will be over,
I’ll be by my maker, who will offer me a shoulder,
To cry, to scream all the hurt within
Won’t solve anything.

And in the end to rise, towards the skies,
To see the gates,
Where my Lord Jesus awaits.


Beauty is behind looks,
Beauty is behind personality,
Beauty is behind pretty hair,
Beauty is behind smarts.
Beauty is behind your skin color,
Beauty behind your body shape,
Beauty comes in different shape,
And size and we all beauty,
In our who way.

Beauty Is All

Lots of beauty,
In this world,
A world of beauty,
In which beauty is all.

But in particular,
You stand out most,
The most beautiful in this world,
In which beauty is all.

You make others,
Look dull,
In the presence of your beauty,
In a world in which beauty is all.

Everyone tries but fails,
To look as beautiful as you,
Because of the vanity in this world,
In which beauty is all.

I love you,
As does every other man,
I just want you to know,
I don’t think beauty is all.

The Beauty We Ignore

I am the beauty,
The beauty in the summer “the heat”,
We ignore it.

I am the beauty,
The beauty in the winter “frozen cold”,
We ignore it.

I am the beauty,
The beauty in the fall “dying life”,
We ignore it.

I am the beauty.
The beauty in the spring “birth of nature”,
We ignore it.

I am earth,
I bare all seasons,
And you ignore me.

Awesome Beauty

When the golden sunset,
Sets over the amber hills,
And when the moon shines bright,
And all the world stands still,
There is beauty, awesome beauty.
God took the dust and formed a man,
He paints each sunrise with His hand,
He took all the love within His heart,
And gave us beauty from the start,
There’s beauty, awesome beauty.
When the storm clouds come,
And thunder rolls,
When skies are dark,
And it hardens the soul,
There’s beauty, awesome beauty.
God took all the love within His heart,
And gave us beauty from the start,
There’s beauty, awesome beauty.
Through every age,
There is a call,
To admire the creation,
He gave us all,
It is beauty, awesome beauty.
See the beauty, hear the call,
Enjoy the life He gave us all,
God took the love in His heart,
And gave us beauty from the start,
There’s beauty, awesome beauty.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
Beauty is in all things.
Beauty is in the sky,
Beauty is in the water ever so blue.
Beauty is the winter when trees are covered with snow,
Beauty is the summer when you smell and see the flowers grow.
Beauty is all things big and little,
Beauty is in all things.
Black and white,
Beauty is in all things, you and me.
Beauty is all around us…can’t you see?

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