Let go the forbidden thoughts,
Embrace the imaginative mind,
For everlasting joy lies in mere virtuality,
When reality crisscross the ever irrevocable mind.

The Shadowed Man

Walking beside me but not in physical,
Of another realm, one more mental,
Silenced always we hardly speak,
A parasite to him, as he is to me,
I long to connect this again,
This long lost bridge,
To rebuild this home,
Charred, black and singed,
His ideals differ, contradict my own,
From this our magic is fire born,
Tearing and gnashing at skin and bone,
Sinking and leaking into heart and soul,
To leave ideas, seeds to sprout,
Give words to hush an urge to shout,
Walking beside me I feel solace
I could take no bribe, from candle or sun, to kill this,
He is me and we are one,
I am nights glow, he is the sun.
Or maybe this is opposite?
Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

Still Stand I observed

My curiosity forced me to research.
I stand still and I watch,
Questions arise but no answers.
I saw all you did while standing.

Hoping is friend not new lover.
Still stand I watched.
From a distance I observed.
On what’s happening I have no answer.

Under brighter light you stand,
Far away from street I observed,
All things you did I saw,
Until you shifted on other side of street.

Strictly hurt my heart due to curiosity,
Still stand I observed,
Until you went home and he goes.
Nothing to say it’s life.

By Mabirimisa Takalani

Fairytale Ending

The sun out of sight,
The stars twinkle in the night,
The moon shining bright,
Emitting a fabulous silver light,
My knight in shining armor coming out of the blue,
He slayed the mighty dragon now my dreams have come true!
He’ll plant a kiss on my lips and wake me from this sleep,
He’ll ask my hand in marriage as he sweeps me off my feet.
I wake up from my trans and am disappointed by what I see.
That my fairytale ending was never meant to be.
Instead of a knight is a great big beast,
With a furry body, deadly claws and razor sharp teeth!
Despite his hideous face, he has a heart truly kind,
But seeing the outside before in makes you completely and utterly blind.
Day after day, my love grew stronger,
Until suddenly I burst, I couldn’t take it any longer.
I kissed him, and kissed him as hard as I dared.
And he kissed me right back knowing the love that we shared.
I knew he would love me, because after that passionate kiss,
He became human again, with the softest of lips.
He’d always protect me and never let me fall,
I guess I got the happily ever after that I wanted after all!

My Beloved Sister

She is one in a Billion,
Her voice is sweet as a koel bird,
She is cool and calm like a pleasant morning breeze,
Bright like a full moon,
Lovely like a Doll,
And innocent like a child,
Fortunately, she is my sister,
My beloved Sister.

You’re On My Mind

I miss your face,
Your wonderful taste.
The body I know,
The smile you show.
I miss the smell of your hair,
The way that you stare.
The kiss of your lips.
My hands on your hips.
Those words that you say,
In my heart’s where they lay.
I miss you, you know.
Time goes so slow.


Find yourself amidst the silence of sunshine.
Find yourself beneath the shadows of dusk.
Even amidst the mystery of uncertainty, twilight.
Your purpose,
Your passion,
Your potential!!
Meander mazes of decadence.
Channels of coincidence.
Corridors of choice and chance.
Pills and programs,
Plans and slogans,
Find your true self.
Forever free,
Embracing your destiny.

A Hopeful Dream

A life I think is full of hope,
Is turned in to something to just help me cope,
With all the lies and stares,
All I can do is just try not to care,
But deep inside I feel it over flowing,
All the anger, tears, and sorrow,
Trying to keep it to myself,
Is harder then any thing else,
But if i let it go,
I will hurt way more then you know,
So I’ll keep it to myself,
Put my head down and take it all,
Cause one day I will look up,
You know what I’ll see,
A better Life,
One with no anger, tears, or Sorrow,
One with a hopeful Tomorrow,
When that happens I’ll hold my head up,
I’ll know that nothing will hold me down,
So until that day comes,
I’ll keep going,
Keep moving on,
Until that wonderful day comes along!

Sculpted For A Second

The waves against the shore moves the sand,
A unique mold held like no other,
Yet only sculpted for a second then recycled,
In and out,
Every breath has a different chemical sequence,
Oxygen is never alone,
Yet every breath is no more significant than its use,
In and out,
We come into the world the same as we leave,
A mix of solid and liquid,
Yet we give our mold a name and category,
The mix lives in the shadow of the mold,
Not a secret just an illusion,
Never moving in and out.

Sorrow Between Us

Your tears are my tears,
Not because we both cry,
Not because of this sympathy,
Not because I hold your limp body,
Not because I told you I love you,
Not because the sorrow between us,
Because there is no us,
They pretend to be them,
We pretend they are them,
Your tears are my tears,
Because we are all one,
Forever and ever.


I don’t know who I am,
Or who want to be,
But I feel like its a scam,
Are we living life truly.

Men are unemotional,
And women too controllable,
But where’s the love,
Is anybody giving it.

Look how the world done changed,
We used to be rich,
Now we like a homeless dog with the mange,
We spending out of our range.

But we are to blame,
Just hope our economy don’t stay the same,
Or you want have no more cheddar in yo pockets
Save up,
Don’t shop until you drop it.

Dare to Love

He says she’s stranger, he wonder why she cares,
Cares for him so much, knowing they cannot be in pairs.
He knows she loves him and yes he fears,
Fears the day, he’ll have to give her tears.

She says she loves him, she says she fears,
Fears to lose him, because he’s all she cares.
She knows he doesn’t love her, and yet she dares,
Dares to love, knowing she’ll end in tears.

Can they be together? Will it be fair?
Fear to blame if they’ll not end in pairs?
Is it her fault that she still cares?
Cares for the one, who can bring her tears?

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