Treat Her

Treat her right.
She will be so nice.
Treat her wrong.
She will be cold as ice.
Treat her like a queen.
She will be your lifelong dream.
Treat her bad.
You will end up lonely and sad.


She still likes to watch Snow White.
Still loves the beauty of a starry night.
Still believes that home is the best place to be.
Like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz.
Home makes her feel glee.

She still believes in God above.
And that all great changes come with love.
She still believes in a country that’s free.
But best of all.
She still believes in me.

Oh God Damn World

I live in a world where no one cares
They don’t sense my pain
These are my handlers
They tell me how to think
For them I must have no opinions of my own
I must hold my tongue
They tell me how to feel
They tell me not to mope around
So I hide behind the tears of a sad clown
If hope is like a candle
Mines been blown out
If faith is like a ship
Mine has sailed away
They don’t feel the loneliness I feel
It’s like cold wave on a sea shore crashing over me
Love is not my protector
Its my enemy
It eats up me and spits me out
Leaves me lying dead and bare
Then the vultures circle over me
In a feast they share
Suffering I am tied up never to be released
They keep my spirit chained
Of me they are ashamed
Sometimes I lay awake at night
Thoughts swimming in my head
So many things I wish to say
That the world will never hear
For silence comes so quickly to their ears
I wish so often that my handlers would let me go
But their afraid of losing their powerful control
I wish to some run and play
Or maybe from this god damn world I’ll joyfully speed away.


Light as butterflies floating on the wind.
Thoughts of you flow through my mind.
Pretty as flowers blowing in the breeze.
Your image dances with the wind in the trees.

Sweet as a lollipop.
Visions of you is tops.
Cool as ice.
Dreams of you feel so nice.


Life with you is a beautiful dance.
Of loving and sweet romance.
Life with you is a sweet dream.
Of honeysuckle and cool running streams.

Life with you is a thrilling roller coaster ride.
Knowing that you will always be by my side.
Life with you is my eternity.
You and I on an endless cloud of serenity.

Please Hold My Hand

I cannot sleep at night
So many things gone array
The thoughts head buzz around driving me crazy
Are you that angel in the night?
That pulls me back into light
Tells me everything we be right
So many wrong turns
I feel like I am lost in maze
Searching for many dark days
For a means to an end
Someone to call that special friend
A gentle touch
Oh yes to me this would mean so much
Could you be the one to pull me out of these deep emotional waters I am drowning in and revive me?
The wounds might take awhile to heal
But I swear to you every time you look into my eyes you’ll know I’m for real
Or these left in my head
Better left unsaid
After all I’m falling so fast
How can I be sure it will last?
The words you speak to me
Are they too good to be true?
Should I believe in you?
Is love worth trusting in?
Or will these tears be left forever rusting
I am just a man who holds in his hand the sands of time
Please say you’ll be forever mine
I am on my last stand
So please say you’ll hold my hand.


So many faces around
They have me trapped
No place left to hide
Like a heavy weigh
They pull me down chasing away all my dreams
Their voices fill my head
Filling me with me doubt
They laugh at me
Make feel like I’m a monster
That fills many children’s night
For being different
I should be ashamed
Wear the perfect smile
Don’t anyone break down the wall you put up
Push the hands away that try to help you
Continue walking into the endless night
Love drowns you deep within its waters of lies
Your face made of stone full of sadness and tears
A heart made of glass so easily broken when its drop
The soul tied up suffering
Hope fades away
As everything is painted gray

Her Body

Scent like lilies in bloom.
Looking so sensuous.
When she walks into a room.

Hair so silky.
Skin so smooth.
Feels like a peach to the touch.
A touch I love so much.

Lovely as a female genie.
Who fulfills the wishes.
Just like cotton candy.
Looking so delicious.

Your Lips

Like an apple.
Red and delicious.
The answer to my prayers and wishes.

Full of smiles when happy.
A bit of pout when sad.
Full of sweet kisses.
That makes my heart glad.

Full of kind words.
When sometimes I feel gloom.
Full of sweet songs.
That could fill a room.


Some people dream of diamonds.
Some people dream of gold.
But I dream of you love.
Until the night grows cold.

Prayer kept me safe.
Visions of you kept me warm.
Thinking of you through the night.
Secure from harm.

Some people dream of riches.
A whole lot of money.
But I will dream of you always.
My precious honey.

This Love

This love runs on emotion.
This love is fueled by devotion.
This love floats on feelings.
Higher than a cathedral ceiling.

This love soars on the breeze of monogamy.
Two hearts in perfect harmony.
This love is you.
This love is me.
Together, forever through eternity.

Her Eyes

Eyes so green.
Like ones in a sweet dream.
Eyes so round.
Shining like moonbeams.

Eyes so pretty.
Loveliest in the city.
Eyes so bright.
Like stars shining in the night.

Eyes so soft.
Like those of a spotted doe.
Eyes so tender.
Brings to the heart sweet surrender.

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