No Longer There


Why is it..
That we can never remain friends?
We were so close when we were together.
I thought of you as my best friend,
But now that we are no longer a couple,
It seems as if we’ve lost our trust,
Our trust in each other and our love.
You say you want to be good friends,
But how can you think that I would hurt you,
Or tell your secrets,
That you told me while we laid in each others arms.
I wouldn’t and couldn’t ever hurt you,
I can’t be mad at you because it hurts to much,
It hurts not to hear your voice,
Or not to see your face.
I miss you but I try to put you out of my mind,
So that my heart won’t ache anymore.
I wish I didn’t care so much,
I wish I didn’t miss you.
But I do.
And I try to deny it,
And I try to pretend I don’t care,
But I do.




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