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My Wedding Day

My wedding day
The day before it we had a fight,
Bits and pieces stay in the mind.
Your tears and my fright,
For all you would not say,
Became as a wall between us that night.

My wedding day
So many lights,
Wanting to disappear into the crowd,
Can’t you take me away?
Please, listen……
Hear the words I am afraid to say.

My wedding day
Why in the world am I here?
This isn’t truly where I long to be,
Please, just say the words,
The ones you’d speak to set me free.

My wedding day
A smile on my face to mask the sorrow
This wasn’t what I wanted,
I’ve truly only wanted you.
The biggest mistake I’ll ever make,
Are these vows I’m about to take.

My wedding day
And in the end I am in your arms,
But for only heartbeat; a moment,
You hold me close as your tears overflow.
All I ever really wanted was to hold you,
And forever it breaks my heart,
That you chose to let me go.

Lesa MRK.

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