My Decision


How can I live like this,
I hate the world,
The world hates me,
The world does not care,
No one cares about me.

I love her,
She does not love me,
I hang my head low,
For the time is near,
I wish to tell her the truth.

I have spilled my guts to her,
She does not listen,
Why does no one stop me,
I love her no more,
She has never loved me.

I tie this dreadful knot,
Prepare myself for death,
I can not stand this anymore,
My neck into the noose,
I jump.

No more pain,
No more agony,
I hang till this rope rots,
I have no more life,
I am free from her and the world.


  1. This poem speaks for those who have lost someone who was deeply in love with their lover. They say that love hurts but, in this case, really love kills.


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