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My Anger

Anger is a feeling,
Something that can control you
if you let it.

Some people take their anger out,
On other people, or other things.

I tend to do it differently.
Some people write when they are angry
Some people draw.

Me, I’m not like any of these people at all.
I don’t let my anger show to anyone but me.

I keep my anger to myself,
But when it gets to be too much,
I just cant control myself.

I go to my room and lock the door,
Blast my music until every voice in my head,
Telling me not to do what I’m about to do is just a blur.

I open my drawer,
Take out my scissors, and I cut
until the pain in my arm dulls out
the pain in my heart…..

Then I’m done.
Put the scissors away,
Turn off the music,
Unlock the door,

And go on with my life…….
Until I just cant take it any more.

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