Missing You


Missing you,
The way you look me in the eyes,
The way you laugh, talk, smile
When I’m with you my heart pounds fast,
When we’re apart my heart rips in two,
All my life I never thought I’d feel this way,
Laying on my bed, all alone in the dark, crying
Missing you…

I hug my pillow believing that its you,
I know there is other people in the world,
But i don’t want them i want you and only you.
One tear strolls down my cheek then another then another,
I won’t stop this till you’re right here by my side,
missing your smile, missing the things you do,
I sit on my bed,
Missing you…

I need you! I want you! and I’ll feel this way until I have you!
You wipe away my tears,
You frighten away my fears.
My life is incomplete without you,
My heart is apart till I have you,
I pray, I wish, and dream till the day I’ll be with you until then I’ll be here,
Missing you…



  1. Its SO weird how 2 different people can feel EXACTLY the same fellings about someone else…

    I miss you Chris and LOVE You!!!

  2. i love this poem its so emotional. Thats how i feel when i miss my ex boyfriend he was everything to me but now he is gone but i still love him. Now where friends but i still love him and i want him back i’ll do anything to be with again i know he lied to me but we had some great times together he was always there for me like when he made me cry he want to cut himself but i told him not to do that but he said i feel like a asshole cause i made you cry and i love you but now he is gone we really don’t talk anymore and i miss that and i opened my heart to him and he just broke it into millions of pieces but i still love him he was the best boyfriend that i ever had i still love you isaiah

  3. i thought tht was a really good poem and it was one of the best i have read out of the last 8 years of poetry i have done i have some poems but i dont put them on the internet because i dont think they are good enought to.

  4. hey that poem was really good i just broke up with my boy friend and reading this poem made me really sad i wish he dident break up wid me

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just started talkin to this guy in California I am so wanting to be with him and this just proves that I need to tell him how i really feel he lives far from me like over 2000 miles but fate and destiny brong people together for a reason right and this tell me I need to tell him how much i miss him

  6. I like this poem so much.Seems that it made for me.In this poem you really feel the pain,the sadness and how you miss your love one.Thanks for the author of this poem.Keep up the good work and God Bless!

  7. I love this poem
    It makes me think of mi boyfriend who’s locked up right now.
    It totally hits the spot in mi heart n mind.


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