Missing You


The lonely days and lonely nights,
Just seem to linger on,
One day turns in to the next,
Now that you are gone.
You were such a part of me,
I failed to realize,
Just how empty one could feel,
When part of one dies.

When joined before God and man,
We that day became one,
And now to have to let you go,
How does one carry on.

So many dreams we shared together,
That now can never be,
But memories of the good and bad,
Some how has brought peace to me.

I know now that your work is complete
And I must carry on,
I will always hold a part of you,
Close in my memories,
I hold on to God’s promise.
That He will see me through,
That He will fill that void left,
When part of me went with you.


  1. I read this and I had to send it to you I love you lots and miss you. Hopefully i’m not bothering you to much sending you small stuff like this?


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