Missing You


When I hear your voice I still wait for you to say you love me,
Like you use to not so long ago,
When we talk I wish we could talk like we did not so long ago,
When you talk about her it reminds me of the way you use to talk about me not so long ago.
I miss you telling me that we will get through this,
I miss you saying you love me,
I miss your sweet words you use to tell me not so long ago,
I miss you being mine,
I miss you being able to make me laugh.
I miss your laughter,
I miss your love,
But most of all I miss you.


  1. i really did enjoyed this poem, it makes me miss a lady whom i have always wanted since since high school but couldnt get her coz i had no guts. now that am grown up and know what i want she is gone with someone else. i miss her and still dream of her being mine. this is a great poem.

  2. Hi, I really love this poem! I feel like that right now. I really miss him. And when I saw your name is Felicia I was shocked because my name is too, just spelled different.

  3. honistly this poem reminds me of one i wrote about my ex well i really dont know anymore she is my ex but isent at the same time its on and off… i loved and love everything about her and i still get hurt thinking about her from time to time i wish i was with her all you can keep doing is pushing foward but its so hard to do when you feel your world of love is falling apart. trust me this poem really touched my heart thank you


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