Marriages Are Made In Heaven


Marriages like the registry,
Are made in heaven.
With the relatives, friends,
Making earthly arrangements.
Of beds, flowers, wedding suits,
Feasts, ceremonies, bethrotals.
All complete to make,
The pair unite in sheer bliss,
Living, copulating for,
Indescribable years of harmony,
Love, making children,
But now that seperations,
Divorces in huge numbers,
The wedding God and staff,
Having a busy schedule,
Late night work of remarriages,
With enough confusions,
Complication, errors to boot,
To the normal workstyle,
Of yesterages where,
People seldom married,
A second, third, fourth time,
Emanating curses from the god.
And overstressed staff,
Who imagined to copy,
The system in heavens too.

Ravikiran Arakkal.


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