Marriage is not a game,
Which we have to play,
But it is to be handled softly.

Marriage is a bond of two hearts,
Which comes direct from God,
Marriage is a nice gift given by God.

Why to accept dowry?
When you love someone by heart,
Dowry is nothing but man-made custom.

Marriage means a sacrifice from both sides,
Both have to accept each other happily,
Taking the seven rounds around the fire.

In today’s time,
Nobody values of marriage,
But one who gives a lot of dowry.

Marriage is not a burden,
Under which you feel pressurized,
It is a diamond which makes the life shine.

Marriage is not a show,
Which is to be shown in public,
But it is a center of two souls.

God has created this precious bond,
When one feels very alone,
It brings happiness to him or her.

Everyone is alone as we observe,
But marriage binds one person with other,
Then they have to travel together.

Every thing seems to be empty before marriage,
But after the marriage is done,
Every thing seems to be blossoming.

Marriage is a wonderful moment,
When two have to be one,
They both take an oath to die and live together.

Marriage sprays the fragrance of joy,
Marriage soaks of loneliness from the person’s life,
Wow Marriage is such a wonderful journey to start at last.


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