It’s You I Love


It’s you I love,
Yet, you’re never there,
I wish I could see you,
But you don’t even care.

I miss you tonight,
I miss you today,
Tell me you love me,
Like you always used to say.

When I heard that you ran off,
I couldn’t believe my ears,
I ran up to my cold room,
And let out my tears.

You told me you loved me,
But now you ran away,
All the lies you said to me,
I trusted everyday.

I miss you tonight,
I miss you tomorrow,
Now it’s your heart,
I need to borrow.

Only because,
I want to rip it apart,
If only you hadn’t left,
If only you didn’t depart.

But it’s to late,
But I still miss you,
Remember this my love,
I truly love you.



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