It Hurts That You Left Me Mom

It hurts that you left me mom,
I was left to cry, I was left so confused.
It hurt that you never phone you left me and I never saw you again.
I prayed at night for you to come back.
Is it that you scared to face me after what you have done.
Remember you my mother I’ll always forgive you,
I just don’t want to grow up without you.

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4 Responses on “It Hurts That You Left Me Mom”

surbhi says:

got tears by reading this poem…….i remember my past days when i was with my mom..jst awesome 1
heart touching!

Dethfish says:

Very sad, very well done. Brought tears to my eyes

Olivia Wojtkiewicz says:

Omg I have the same problem with my mom she just said that she couldn’t take care of my brother and I so now we live with our aunt I am so sorry u had to go through that

Amber says:

I think you can put more poems.

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