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I’ll be waiting for you

How many times did I feel asleep happily,
Imagining you were laying next to me?
God knows.
God knows how much I loved you,
How much you meant to me,
I thought you knew it too, I was wrong totally.

You had been my sun,
You were in every breath I took,
In every good memory, when I’m alone.

I was the one who shared your pain when you were ill,
Well I’ve done mistakes, I know it,
When you were sad, When you were Angry.
But believe me, I always tried to help, I swear,
and I’ve never stopped loving you a second, know it.

I was the one who watched you sleeping for hours in Sweden,
I was the one who did more for you than your parents did,
I was the one who gave you money when your parents refused to do it,
I was the one who heated you in that cold Christmas night,
I was the one who gave you my coat after cinema that night,
And I was the one who gave you all I got.

Remember those sweet ice creams?
I now understand why they tasted so good,
Now that you are gone, its taste was just eating it with you, it’s obvious.
I still feel that warm feeling on my chest,
Left from the times you put your head.
I still hear your hair’s smell,
That natural perfume of yours.

Your body, that body where I Experienced the love for the first time,
That body you exposed to a 2 weeks old fake love,
Those curves, that shape, how could I not think you’re hot?
I bet he did too.

And how could you let all these happen?
Was it so easy to love another guy for you?
Was it so easy to abandon me, forget all those we lived?
Was it so easy to show all you got to another guy, my innocent girl?
Was it why we had done so much to keep this love alive?
Months long missings, cryings, hours long flights.
All that effort, all for this.

I still ****in’ love you as much as I did the first day,
No matter what you have done..
And if one day, if you want this guy with broken heart again,
I’ll be waiting for you under that tree Where we kissed for the first time.

Author: Leet


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