I Want To Thank You God


I want to thank you God,
For spending your only begotten son to this un-friendly world,
He came on your behalf to deliver a message of love.
Men were so un-grateful,
They ignored Jesus plea then someone shouted,
Let’s nail him to a tree.
Jesus he never resisted willingly,
He gave up his young life,
So Adam’s imperfect offspring’s could have everlasting life.

I want to thank you heavenly father once more,
For giving us you only begotten son,
The battle he fought victorious he won.
Thank you Jehovah,
You sent the very best you had,
Your only Begotten son,
Father you loved us so much,
For that reason,
This Christian race I want to run.
The hour Jesus bowed his head in death,
At that very moment my life began.

Edna M. Minnfee.


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