I Miss You


I miss you,
I miss the way you hold me tight,
And the thickly random bites.
I miss the way stroke my hair,
With such love, tender and care.
I miss the coolness of the ice,
Although it did take me by surprise.
I miss how you can always tell from my eyes,
But I hated that I could’t tell any lies.
I miss the goose bumps on my arms,
From your kisses full of charm.
I miss the sweetest and warmth of your lips,
That causes my heart to do a total eclipse.
I miss the sound of your heartbeat,
That makes me feel so complete.
I miss those 3 words you say,
And I long to hear them everyday.
I miss your arms wrapped around me,
I hope you can see, we’re meant to be.
And I will be there in next year,
Till then, I promise I’ll hold back the tears.


  1. tis poem reminds me of my boyfren tat 2day left me…he changed 2 other skul…i felt lk wana hug him tightly n cry 2 him,’pls dun leave me..’ But i CANNOT do tat…:-( All my classmates were veri sad n evn a few tem cried bt i didnt cried…i was holding bak my tears lk hell…


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